Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Suki's Page for Arty Soul Sisters Traveling Art Book on Animal Wednesday

Henry got into his presents with gusto. Actually he just likes the wrapping paper so he gets all of it. He joins me in wishing you a happy Solstice, Holiday, and New Year!
Happy Animal WednesdaySuki's Art Journal is Completed When ever I receive one of these traveling art journals in the mail I am always blown away by the quality of the art they contain. I have usually already seen the art on a blog, and always liked it then, but it never ever shows the depth of the work, the richness of color, texture, etc. that I see when I hold it in my hand. And it is the same with my photos of my page for Suki's book. Just trust me when I say the colors are brighter, the fabrics shinier, the beads with more sparkle, the threads and candy wrappers adding more texture than is possible to see here. this piece contains three fabrics, silver and blue candy wrappers, wrinkled papers (I found today at the thrift store) and beads. Actually every part of this page was gleaned from thrift store finds. I brag about that because I feel really good when my pieces are GREEN/earth friendly. The base is a grocery brown bag. And the crinkly paper you see on the ends wraps around the back.
It is machine sewn and then hand embroidered and beaded.
I find both the latter to be incredibly relaxing. It's a beach scene for Suki...her footsteps in the sand...taking her where ever she wants to go. But we know she loves Cape Cod.
I have not yet done the back...and I will wait until my return next week to do so.
I will not stand another half hour in line at the post office BEFORE Christmas!
(I did that twice this week already, and enough is enough)
I also think it will have a better chance of getting to Suki just before the new year!
This book IS SUKI'S BOOK and I send to Suki so the book is finished
with my page!
It started in September 2009 and just a short four months later it will be in Suki's hands.
Suki: I adhered as closely as I could to the measurements of your book.
However, you know me, my page is just a tad taller than the rest.
If it bothers you you may cut it to fit,
but I hope you'll be okay with a little bit of my style
that is outside the box.
See you next Monday!


  1. i agree with you lynn, the styles and colours and art that is being produced in these books, is amazing, totally amazing.this page is phenomenal. will show my page today that i have done for mim's book.i also have your book here lynn, but it will need very careful thought as to what i want to do for it. and i agree too, no more post office till next week. have a good break dear one and enjoy.

  2. LYnn, I thought Henry was eating my page at first glance. !!! Just joking. I love my page and its great that it over reaches the others. The sun especially, I can feel it's warmth!! Thank you so much. I agree too re: standing in line at the PO. goodness. Have a great trip away and Im so excited that my book is almost done. Wow.

  3. What a beautiful way to end Sukis book. I wish I could see all of the books finished. The art is amazing. I bet Suki won't mind a bit if your page is a bit larger. You had so much to say here.

  4. Wow.. This is spectacular. I love the vibrancy of it and it does look like water and the beach. So Suki I think. How fun she gets hers back soon to see all the work in person. That will make two she has gotten back wont it? Enjoy your vacation refreshing that creative muse. Altho you never seem to run out of ideas. :))

  5. I love this page! The footprints especially touched me.

    Happy holidays to you, DH and Henry V!

  6. Lynn, your work never ceases to amaze!
    Happy Holidays,,,,I love your header. Very special!

  7. Happy holidays Lynn


  8. I love how you patiently hand embellish. This page is has such good energy with the flow and the spiral. xo K

  9. Lovely page! I have already told you ;)
    Came to wish you a merry christmas!

  10. Henry looks happy; the beadwork and colors amazing and it's nice to read the story behind all your work too...a book with a thousand tales...

  11. Hi Lynn... just dropping by to say hello and to wish you a happy Chaunakah... happy holidays... and the best to you and your family...


    also, I'll second what the other comments have said... I love the colors and the textures of the beautiful gift you've made! you're so crafty...

    take care.



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