Friday, March 26, 2010

Be Warned: Boring Post!

In school I rarely if ever procrastinated. But at tax time I will put off getting it all together until the last possible moment. I consider "doing taxes" one of the worst possible tasks in my life.
I have gathered all the necessary data, or almost all, and I know the tax preparer will find something I have forgotten and I will have a few days to gather it so she can file my returns...but I find all this very taxing (yes, pun intended)...trying not to use the word hate...but obviously have a strong dislike for what I have to do in the morning (go over all my gathered papers; add up columns; hope I have it all/most all...and get on the road in time to go to my appointment and hear the outcome. Can you see a few tiny hidden stitches done in invisible thread on the back of NYP?
So far so good as far as a "clean back" goes.
But nothing has been sewn onto the top yet!
The front.
Very little of this green on top and gold on bottom silk will show around the many
pieces yet to be placed and sewn down on the top.
What more will I add?
What embroidery stitches will be appropriate additions
or not?
Does anyone else suffer severe DOUBT when coming to the end of a long
arduous art project? Do you ever feel you are a fake?
Will the emperor be found to be wearing no clothes?
Stay tuned.
Not sure this is a real T.G.I.F.


  1. I'm not one to enjoy doing taxes either. Who is? And ... this isn't a boring post. It's thought provoking. Maybe you're saying it's boring because you're experiencing 'doubt'? ;)

  2. I will say it...I hate doing taxes. Your post isn't boring but the back of the quilt isn't near as exciting as I know the front will be.

  3. I dont know if I feel doubt (although for a commissioned work I might feel a twinge that the person wouldnt like it) but I certainly feel like a "fake."

    A woman commissioned one of my 3 foot by 4 foot wall hanging kimonos made of handmade paper. I thought she had said do whatever I wanted. I had just bought some new paper dyes so used color in the paper rather than leaving it natural. a suble green i think it was. She had seen several of my kimono in an art show so had a vision in her head. When she came to pick it up it did nOT meet her vision which was of neutral colors. But hey, I thought. That's okay. I told her she was under no obligation to buy it and that I would surly sell it to someone else, so no loss there for me. She bought it but I felt badly that i hadnt questioned her more thoroughly about what she had in her head.

  4. Taxes- yuck!!!
    Big project- Can't wait to see it finished. The embroidery on back must be left to the artists eye...good luck!

  5. I do try to get our taxes done early but it never works that way. This year I got an early appointment & got down there on time only to have it canceled due to no electricity & had to be rescheduled. arrgh. I am still waiting.
    As for feeling a fake. I feel that all the time when I sell something.I feel if I can do it.. paint a picture... then they surely can. So whats the big deal on paying me? And yet I have had someone get my painting insured. That boggles my mind. Trust me Lynn, She could never do what your talent & magic fingers do with an idea and some cloth & beads.

  6. I think we all feel that doubt sometimes. I do when they ooooh and aaaaah over a picture I've drawn or painted but I can look at it and see all the little errors like perspective not quite right, shadow angled the wrong way, color off a bit, etc. I see it as a series of errors that looks ok from a distance and they love it. I used to HATE taxes but now I do them as soon as I can and get it over with. I love the feeling of having it done and not having to worry about it.

  7. I'm full of self doubt..alway was and always will be....

  8. i'm loving the way this looks so far, those colors are gorgeous! my mind is reeling with what you might be cooking up...and yes, i do ... all the time worry i shall be seen naked as a jaybird. :)

  9. Yes, Elspeth, doubt was invading my normal positive thinking yesterday. I have it more at bay now...and taxes are DONE.

    Lisa, you make me smile.

    Suki, this woman and I had a running dialogue about what she wanted and didn't want for several months before I put one needle to thread on this piece. She finally told me she wasn't sure herself so to just do my own thing. Im thinking of sending our emails back with the quilt when done so she can be reminded of her own early on confusion.

    I'm glad your person went ahead with her purchase. I am sure she is happy with it now.

    Julie, thanks. Soon now.

    Cris, your continued encouragement and support buoy me up and keep me a float as an artist! Thanks so very much.

    Pak Art, glad to learn I am not the only one who has these feelings from time to time.
    And now my taxes are done too.

    Jude and Linda, I appreciate your helping me feel a part of the pack and not alone in my feelings.

  10. As for the taxes, just you wait. It will be much easier in the future; we'll just give them all that we make and they will provide everything for us. Much easier that way.

  11. i don't think you can create without doubt - no doubt leaves no room for possibilities :)

    the silk is beautiful - i looooove silk :)


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