Monday, March 8, 2010

An Early Morning Email + A Class = SoulCollage®

On Sunday morning I got an email from Hannah K. Hunter inviting me to join a class in SoulCollage(registered trademark*)! Follow the link to Hannah's blog to hear her perspective of the class. I checked out the link she sent me here to learn about SC and had my curiosity peaked. I decided to join the group of women health care workers/artists at Hannah's wonderful studio in Davis for the first of four Sundays of art making.
Hannah, who is an art therapist and SoulCollage Facilitator, offered a plethora of materials for us to use and did a beautiful job of facilitating the class, which included handouts, information, resources, and encouragement to let our intuitive selves begin a collage process that promised to be personally enriching and meaningful.
At the end of the two hours we looked at and shared the first cards we had made with each other.
Below is my "community card". The following paragraph is taken from Hannah's handout I quote:
"Community cards represent sentient beings. This is the part of the deck for people you know---friends and family. You may also make cards for people you want in your life...people you admire and whose energy you wish to have present. Most community cards include a photograph of the person being honored on the card, but it is also possible to make cards with the images that are symbolic of the that "feel like" the person you wish to represent."
It became obvious to me that I was choosing pictures of children in twos that represented my twin grand children. My card shows their interests in education; music; play; and the Hebrew word in the lower center means Blessed. How much more appropriate could that be for how I feel about these children in my life? It sang to me!
Thank you Hannah for inviting me. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from you and this process. See you next Sunday! ;-) ****
*The word SoulCollage is a registered trademark
I was able to put the circled R in my title
but for some reason my keyboard will not let me do so in the body of the post.
Please note: SoulCollage (registered)


  1. What fun, I've heard of this before, I think thru Suki. but I think it's great to spend sunday mornings doing this - wow. Your collage is wonderful...and just like you - open and welcoming

  2. yes suki did it, and me, do you remember? look at my soulcollageblog (dashboard). it was great, i did it alone, must be far better in a group, enjoy.

  3. It would be great fun to come together with people similar in thinking and be able to create art.

  4. I'm so glad you did this with an actual facilitator!
    I've had several soulcollage evenings with a friend of mine who is also a registered fac. It amazed me how the images 'speak to you' to be chosen. And when you look at the result and talk about it, wow! They sure reveal a lot. It looks like you may have chosen a few images intentionally for yours, like the Hebrew writing?
    It all came together so beautifully, and it's so you!

  5. This looks like fun and yours came out really good. Is this supposed to be a conscious or subconscious thing? Do you figure out what and who and do that or does it kind of just come together?
    Word verification is.. comed :))

  6. What a wonderful class!!! Your card is perfect.

  7. I've read about Soul Collages somewhere before. Must have been fun.

  8. Lynn,
    It was great to see you again so soon--you have a lovely and calming presence. Thank you also for your generosity in sharing your pictures from the afternoon. Cris--the SoulCollage process is intuitive in nature. By allowing the images to "choose you," you bypass the conscious mind, giving the more unconscious feelings a chance to speak.

  9. I got the book on Soulcollage and collect a lot of magazine pictures...but for a long time that is just the was it sat. Then I got stuck and a friend suggested I do some collage work...I remembered the book and started doing one a day for a month. It is really amazing how they built on each other. I did the cards first and then added the title.
    Very healing.

    I really like seeing how yours came out. Like a celebration!!
    Thank you for sharing it.

  10. yes, I have done this a number of times but am afraid to write about it now as i got an email from an SC official saying I must say it this way or that way and I cant do that little sign either.

  11. Oh dear, Suki, I hope I do not hear from the SC police! LOL
    Hannah was clear that we needed to give the trademark sign when using their name. I tried my best. Hope I passed muster.

    QA, I'm glad to hear you got started with yours. I like doing it with a facilitator. Already I've found what I learned in the first session I've applied to another collage project.

    Hannah, thank you. ;-)

    Elspeth, it was fun, and I am sure you would enjoy it. I can see it being healing and a deep introspective process as well.

    Julie, you are too kind.

    Cris, I love your word v.
    I'm not sure how much of mine came from my unconscious mind...but I imagine this is something that comes more with the practice of it too. Relaxing into the groove so to speak.

    Lolo, you are right, I went LOOKING for a Hebrew word, the one I found was perfect.
    That might be other than the suggested way...but you know me, always a little bit outside the box and rules.

    Lisa, it is and I am so glad this is a four week class so we have some time to bond with each other.

    Soul, I do remember when you got into this.

    Mim, sweet words for me to hear, thanks...


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