Thursday, July 1, 2010

Basking in Summer Sun and Henry V's New Door and Soups Done Come Eat

Henry V is enjoying his spot on the fence where he stops to smell the flowers, in this case red trumpet vines... As part of our home renovations Henry got a new door. It's secured into the new pet screen on the slider door in our family room/my art studio~
I think he likes it~ If you would like to see my Stone Soup Quilt Top finished for the April-June challenge
at Quilts Around The World group I belong to click on link below to see mine and the others.
These quilt tops will be cut into fifteen equal sized pieces and each artist will get one part of their own quilt and one of all the other artists. We will then sew those pieces together to
create a new quilt.
A group effort of vegetable beauty.


  1. Henry V looks like he's getting used to his new door. He's quite a handsome fellow, I know you are proud of him. I can't possibly understand how (or where) you can cut that lovely ear of corn into 15 pieces. It would kill me to do so.

    I saw the winning quilt on QAs blog. Yours was far nicer than the one that won. It was dark and oppressive, while yours was light and airy. Just goes to show it's sometimes a popularity contest rather than a real talent contest.

  2. I love to see animals taking time to "smell the roses". The way you are making this new quilt sounds like lots of fun. Can't wait to see the end result.

  3. Ahh what a cute cat and some wonderful work.

  4. Awww Even Henry was thought of. Didnt take him long to figure that out. Does he use it alot when your home? Bummer you have to cut up your stone soup quilt. Its lovely as is. Will be interesting to see it when done with the others.

  5. What a cute picture of Henry and love the ones of him coming through his new door.

    Fun idea with the quilt.

  6. Henry is a "true Monarch" - surveying his kingdom! Love the cat door...and does Henry!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. I've always wanted a cat door, for my kitties of course. Your quilt is great. I recognized your style even before I got to your name.

  8. What a fun picture of henry smelling the flowers!
    And what a fancy pet door! I have never seen one like this before.

    have a happy day!

  9. Elizabeth, the photo of my quilt here is just one part of it. You need to go to the link below on todays blog to see the whole piece. Mine is called: Soups Done, Come Eat!

    Thank you for your kind compliment on my Swan Quilt on Quilting Arts. There were many very beautiful quilts done for that contest. And yes, it was the one who knew the most people I do believe that got to win. I was impressed that I got over 80 votes. Again thanks for that.

    Lisa, again the end result of the quilt can be seen on that LINK.

    Jensters, thanks.

    Cris, henry uses his door a lot. But he spends a lot of time outdoors in the summer. Even at night sometimes.
    As for the quilt, I am excited about having a piece of each artists work. A fun puzzle to put back together.

    The pet door was $15 at Home Depot (any hardware store carries it probably).

  10. I love the pic of Henry V smelling the flower.

  11. Whoever invented pet doors was a genius. Must have been a woman ;)

    I love the different stone soup interpretations, but I'm really loving yours the most. You just have a way with fibers!

  12. hi lynn - i saw your stone soup when i visited kathryn on sunday and it is just stunning - the stitching, the backgrounds, the beading just breathtaking. i loved it :) hugs xx

  13. Criminelly, I am way behind in visiting! Missed a couple of cat photos, the Rabbit Ears (I used to live with a rock climber and have actually climbed them) and so much up with you now!


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