Friday, August 13, 2010

Acting Like Tourists in San Francisco

On Thursday we drove into San Francisco on a typical summer day for the Bay Area...foggy, overcast, cold enough to need a heavy jacket! Mark Twain was thought to have said that the coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco...or words to that effect. And perhaps because we were showing the City off to our nephew, Allen, it was real easy to get into the mode of being tourists! Here is a shot of Lombard Street known as the crookedest street in the world!
We definitely left our heart in San in Union Square!
Standing in line waiting for a cable car Allen spent time texting his girlfriend!
Some of these photos are out of sync. Here Allen is beaming while reading the catalogue for the American Conservatory Theater masters program!
Dreaming of studying in San Francisco...
We took a respite for lunch at
Then stopped by ACT to inquire about auditions
and such
This is the sundae we thought of having at the end of the day but didn't
We really enjoyed riding the cable cars as our way of transportation through the City,
it was fun and invigorating holding on and taking photos at the same time as we climbed
and descended the steep hills of San Francisco
along with all the other tourists from all over the world.
Fisherman's Wharf and the big ships is always a stop for us
Like I said we did go in and through but just got a free piece of chocolate
and then came out again...
We did stop in at Fort Mason to check out the Friends of the Library book store
and we all came away with some good used books.
I got two on book making!
DH picked up a few for school; and Allen got one of
Sam Sheppard plays.
We ended our day down by the water near Fort Point and went into the
warming hut for coffee and a cookie.
We drove home by the way of the Golden Gate Bridge which was still topped by fog.
But the sun came out in Sonoma County and the vineyards looked like
a picture waiting to be painted.
It was such a good day.
We ended by playing Spite and Malice
and this time


  1. Oh gosh. I love this tour of SF. You know, I think the ACT was just starting up when I was in SF and I had signed up for an audition myself as i loved acting. And was pretty good in college. We had to memorize two monologues, one a comedy and one a tragedy from Shakespeare. However, something odd happened to my brain at that time and I could not memorize these parts. Overstimulation I think with the newness of being in a big booming city etc etc. So, there went my acting career. Good luck to allen as he wends his way through life and his dreams.

  2. What a fun day for you all. I can see that your nephew was really interested in those casting calls. Fun and I hope that opportunity knocks for him. I have been to SF before. I even drove there. Scary. ha..

  3. What a fun day. So happy you are getting some vacation time in after your Extreme house makeover & before DH has to go back to school again. I love the shot of Lonbard Street with all those flowers.

  4. I left my heart in San Fran too, when I was 19 years old, and all I do now is dream of California! One day I will get back there!

    2 books on book making, huh? That sounds interesting...maybe a future post.....hhehehehehe!

  5. What a great tour. Thanks for bringing us along. And I love the the last image. What great shadows!


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