Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Allen Pays Us a Visit

Allen Fredrick is our nephew from MN. He is my DH's sisters son, age 23 now, an actor who studied at the University of Minnesota Drama Department Acting, Dance, Singing...he does all three very well! He is driving from MN to Los Angeles to make a successful acting life for himself! But on the way he is stopping HERE to visit us for four whole days!!!! This summer he played in this show of Shakespeare's Mid Summer's Night Dream And here he is with the true love of his life Ms Jenelle who obviously is also an actress!
Allen and I will be very very busy up late most nights playing
Spite and Malice, a card game I taught him when he was just
a wee lad...and we have been playing it ever since
whenever we went to Minnesota summer, winter, spring or fall
and often I would WIN!!!
He is telling me that he plans on winning big this time.
Just because he is all grown up now, and well over six feet tall
does not mean he will surpass his Aunt (read with soft a please, as he says it) Lynn
Spite and Malice
cover your ears as it can get quite loud
and nasty!
Allen won first set of two out of three last night.
I won first of three this morning so that means we are tied for number of hands won.
But there are two hands to go in today's game.
Stay tuned!
Now I have to go to work and they will go to the City to look at theaters and audition information.


  1. Have fun...especially if he lets you win at cards

  2. So many talented people in your family. Best of luck to him on his new adventurous path in life. Have fun w/this game which I have never heard of!! Dont stay up tooo late.

  3. I'm behind on my blog-reading so I'm trying to catch up.
    Have fun visiting with your nephew. (P.S.-you're supposed to let THEM win; they're younger) :)
    Your hammock looks very inviting. I haven't read that book.
    That Stone Soup quilt is gorgeous!

  4. bet you will have such fun. and don't let him win, show him we may be old, but still have all our brain cells. lol

  5. Allen BEAT ME last night, but tonight there will definitely be a REMATCH!!!! Or maybe this morning??? Having fun!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh Oh. the war is on. I can see it now. Into the wee hours to beat the student. :) I hope you have a wonderful visit and he finds much success in LA. I can see why Ms Jenelle is the love of his life. Shes a doll.

  7. How nice to have your nephew visiting! I know how to play Spite and Malace...just learned how last is a lot of fun!!!


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