Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Fabric Paper Making, Sunflower & Figs

Henry V always curious to see what I am up to...comes with a welcome to see me making fabric paper this morning out on the patio... My materials needed include an old cookie sheet, torn pieces of muslin, tissue paper, glue, water and a brush...
I first lay out a piece of muslin on the cookie sheet and slather it with a glue/water mixture, then I tear tissue paper and layer it on top of the fabric and add more of the glue/water mixture to hold it in place...
The flowers are tissue paper too...a pretty find in my gift wrapping paper box...
Henry inspects and gives his opinion... he's a critical judge
It hangs on mom's old plant rack outside the "studio/family room" door to dry
Soon it will be used for the lining of a few more of those little cloth treasure books I am making!
Remember when I planted sunflower seeds?
Well as far as I can tell only two of them bloomed, both in pots on the back patio...none that I put straight into the ground.
But here is the first to produce a flower, it's small and pretty.
My fig tree is also "in bloom" or full fruit!
Plenty for me and for the neighbors and the birds!
Have a delicious Sunday!


  1. That "paper" is beautiful. Seeing this makes me want to make some. I don't know what I would do with it exactly. That is part of the fun of trying new things though. You never know where it might lead.

  2. I wish I would take the time to teach myself something new!!
    You inspire me.
    I have a million art books on the shelf...helllloooo. I need to peruse them and get out of my rut.

    Adorable sunflower...and the paper looks awesome!

  3. Its fun seeing you making things. I wonder what this paper feels like. Is it on the material? or is it real paper. Geesh.. how can I follow instructions if I cant understand it when seeing it done here. lol
    Henry looks very happy checking out things. Look forward to seeing these pocket books done.
    I am going to post some sunflowers I planted soon. They got ten feet tall. Amazing flowers.

  4. Your fabric paper is so bright and cheerful! What fun to make! I look forward to seeing it in the books you create. The photos of your sunflowers and figs are beautiful! Also, your Henry is a very handsome cat!

  5. The sunflowers are wonderful - as is the paper, which is lovely and useful too.

  6. My fabric paper is NEVER as colorful as yours. Henry looks pleased.

    My garden is dead from heat and lack of moisture. Good to see that someone's is flourishing. Lovely sunflower.

  7. What a great idea Lynn! Will put this to work at the hospital!

    Love the close ups of my favorite fruit too!

  8. Beautiful artwork! Oh, and those figs look soooo good. I got Sylvain's family some figs two years ago as the dessert after a dinner I made. They had never tasted figs at all, except maybe in a fig newton. Oddly enough, I got to finish off the entire tray of figs. His family were not huge fans.

  9. Lisa, thanks, it has many uses. Think postcards, ATCs, mixed with your watercolors...a butterfly?

    Lolo, I simply pick up any copy of CPS and wha-la something to make!
    It's fun. But your paintings are awesome and not to be called a "rut" of any sort!!!! Loved the young Freida.

    Cris, the paper side feels like paper and the cloth side feels like cloth. ;0

    Bee, thanks for coming by to visit!
    I hope my friends here go to visit your beautiful blog in return.

    Mim, yes, the sunflower sings to you! The seeds are from the art show where YOUR sunflower was shown!

    Eliz and B, it just depends on teh paper, this paper was especially bright. My last batch was more pastel like.

    Hannah, I'd love to see what the kids do with the fabric paper. It's easy as 1, 2, 3 to make but might take a while to dry. Have fun. A two day project there perhaps!

    Kelly, yes, Figs ARE THE BEST!!!!

  10. Loved the paper, looks so colourful The sunflower is so bright. The figs well we have 3 large tree's along the lane and we can help ourselves, They tasted yumee. Enjoy

  11. Hi Lynn, I have made this fabric paper too! It is so pretty and versatile. I started a fabric journal last year using this technique. Yours are beautiful!
    Love your dainty little sunflower! And your trip to the art fair. It's been too hot here this summer for me to attend any. I felt so sorry for the artists that were doing them.
    Love figs! Keep growing them!

  12. you've been inspired with summertime colors - like your sunflowers - looking forward to seeing how you use this paper :)

  13. How lovely are your Sunflowers! And your "paper".... and... the most GORGEOUS thing....Henry V....what a cat! What expressions.....
    I adore him!

    Love from Robin.....who FINALLY has some sunshine and warmth!

    ♥ R ♥


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