Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blooming Tuesday With More SF Shots!

This beautiful flower was outside the Legion of Honor museum on Sunday... The Golden Gate seen through the trees on our way to the Warming Hut for lunch. Hot Chili and a big oatmeal cookie for me with fresh OJ, BLT, chocolate chip cookie & coffee for DH...and then a walk along the pier watching fisher people, seagulls, and seals.
Another wonderful Rodin statue in the museum...
and its shadow on the wall...
French elegance...
and how blue the sky was above these pillars outside...
I wasn't expecting this small but powerful memorial just outside the Legion of Honor...
Something we must never forget...
On a lighter note this little red car on top of this building and sign was something we saw entering the City and then you cannot imagine how many of that exact red car we saw driving around in the City...they seemed to be everywhere!
Again looking up inside the museum...
It was such a nice day.
Since home I have been doing more sewing and handwork
on two fabric photo albums for our grand kids'
6th birthday in three days. But the party is another week off
so I have time. ;-)
In the meantime they are in Boston visiting other grandparents & family.
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday to all of you peeking in here!
Enjoy your week.


  1. Love that chandelier and that picture of those shadows!

    Wish I was there..........

  2. Love the shadows of the sculpture; the sobering memorial and the sound of your busy happiness back home, too.

  3. Some great shots of SF. Love the Bridge photo. And loved the strip of blue sky with all that gray of the building. Of course you're back to making lots of Art. I knew it wouldnt take long after you finished your house remodel. Art oozes out of your pores daily. :))

  4. oh the memorial was very sad and moving. wonderful photos of a wonderful day.

  5. Great photos! Thanks for sharing your visit to San Francisco!

  6. SF is one place I have always wanted to visit. One day! Loved seeing your pics.

  7. Lynn, thank you for all the wonderful photos of S.F. You know I lived there for 20 years, and I miss it! Glad you had a great time!

  8. Great photos of your visit. I felt saddened seeing the holocaust memorial - I saw something on TV just today about that. I would love to visit that city again!

  9. lynn, i will be back to linger,

    but first i have to tell you i received the most amazing package today.

    i am speechless. every stitch, every sentiment, every color.

    my god, lynn. i had no idea it would be so beautiful.

    i'll thank you more formally, but i wanted you to know.

    totally amazingly priceless.


  10. Your photos are so lovely, I felt like I was there with you. The Holocaust Museum photo tugged at my heart.


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