Sunday, September 12, 2010

What I am Doing on Sunday!

It's a laid back Sunday at our house. DH is watching football in the living room. I've been moving from "studio" to outdoors and some time in recliner for handwork. I finished another fabric pocketbook that is sold; and started a new one that is FOR SALE! ;-) I finished this paint splattered jean-wear apron..that will go to Art and Soul with me next month. I started a box of art supplies for that weekend that I am mailing to my son's house to wait for my arrival..
and continued the embroidery work on the two fabric photo albums for my grand kids 6th birthday.
As you can see it's a combo of their art and family photos all transferred to fabric and machine sewn to muslin. Then I added hand embroidery and beads and buttons for added color flare!
They are soft to the touch, which some how makes them very comfy to me and hopefully will affect the kids the same way.
I also sent off three pieces of textile art to a juried art show at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts.I think competition for that show will be HUGE so I cross my fingers...and try to remain positive.


  1. You are so productive and I wish you very good luck in the show. Let us all know how you get on and pics of the work submitted would be lovely too!

  2. You are one busy lady! The kids are going to LOVE those photo albums. They are precious.. You even put their art work in them.. That will be special for them as they grow up. Your pocket book and jean apron are great too.

  3. Oh yes.. I hope you get everything in that show.

  4. The fabric books for the grands look awesome! They will love them! I like your paint apron also, I just may have to hijack a pair of old jeans and make myself one - I especially like the pockets to put brushes and paint tubes in. Good luck with the show.

  5. It took me over a week to sew ONE book together and you made four in a day. I need to buy some time, burn the candle at both ends, or learn how to work faster. What an awesome day you had, dear.

    Good luck with the juried entries. I hope you are picked. And if you want a big seamstress laugh, check out my tutorial tomorrow. Only a REAL seamstress will appreciate the humor in it.

    Happy rest of Sunday and have a great Monday.

  6. Great project! I can hardly keep up with you Lynn - 10 posts since I last visited - looks like you've been very busy! Off to check them out now.

  7. No fear, Lynn--your work is gorgeous, and the details are perfect! I am so jealous of you going to Art and Soul--I want to see photos!! :)

  8. You are a busy bee ! How wonderful your keepsake album is...what a delightful and sentimental gift.
    Your apron is awesome too ! You shall be the belle of the ball ! ;)
    I hope the great energy continues all week. Cheers !

  9. Oh Lynn where do you get all the time from. You have been busy, busy.
    Love the books, your grandkids are going to love them to bits.


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