Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pocket Book Ready for Sale; Bound Fabric Albums; Get Well Wishes for Cris!

This finished and ready for sale fabric pocket book is made up of four pockets for stuffing with little gifts, affirmations, ATCs or whatever you can fit into a four inch X 3 and a half inch square pocket. Fabrics used include batiks, old jeans, salvage reading "sweet leilani" ribbon ties wrap around buttons and end in dangly beads; lined with hand made fabric papers...
a salvage strip says "back in time by" on this pocket...
floral prints, hearts, embroidery floss stitching...
more hearts...and flowers...equals crazy quilt patchwork...
and more fabric paper lining...
and more jean scraps and batiks on the back. $25
no shipping fees in the USA
Ready to mail. Interested for yourself or a gift?
Let me know in the comments section of this post.
************************************ I finished the fabric photo albums for my grand kids
by adhering big gold brads
and then winding thin gold jewelry wire in and out of them
binding the fabric pages together.
and thus it opens and lays flat like a real book! Can't wait to give them to them on Sunday
at their big birthday party in the park!
Our friend Cris, (of Cris, artist in Oregon blog) is undergoing surgery this morning,
the results of which should bring her back lots of lost energy
and renewed health! Join me in sending lots of positive healing thoughts & prayers her way! Get well quick, Cris.
I know you will be good as new real soon!


  1. oooh i love your pocket books, as i knew i would, and the twins are gonna love them too. will go and wish cris a speddy recovery too. hugs xxx

  2. Beautiful pocket book - so much yumminess inside !
    I hope you bring your camera when you give the book to your grandkids - they will love it !
    Love and prayers to your friend and all of us needing that healing goodness.

  3. The pocket books are adorable. And that one for the grands is even grander! I'm off to visit your friend.

  4. Lynn, your pocketbooks are adorable.... and they really reflect YOU.....all the wonderful parts of all your varied interests in life.

    I keep forgetting to mention how creative your fabric phot album is!
    Your entire family will always treasure this.... it truly is priceless.

    Chris is in my prayers this morning.... I think the surgery WILL help her regain her energy and zest for....EVERYTHING!

    I worked last Sunday at the de Young for the first time since "The Impressionists" left.... the Mueseum was so quiet... they are painting and beginning to move in the "new" O'rsay pieces. I tried to "Sneak" in...but only had a teeny peak. There will be 32 MORE paintings though...and a little different serup - to match the changing time of the era.

    Hugs to you and "King" Henry!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Lovely new pocket book. and the albums for your grandkids are just wonderful. i love soft, cloth books like that. just so special for them. Sending prayers to Cris. I hope all went well and she recovers well with DH to tend to her needs.

  6. I love your pocket book! So much detail and so colorful! The photo albums for your grandkids are something they will treasure for a lifetime! Beautiful!

  7. I have always adored fabric books and yours is absolutely so cool. Full of pockets, stitches, patches, and fun. I love it!


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