Friday, November 5, 2010

Art In The Gift Shop of Lawler Art Gallery; Shadows of Wired To Quilt

Another Ken Chew piece...LOVED the colors!!!!!! another Ann Jacobs mixed media piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ran into her the day I left my art pieces off for the show. She remembered me from 25 yrs ago from a time I spoke at a group of teachers and staff and taught them my Relaxation Exercise. She said she taught it to her grand daughter who called it "the sleeping game". So sweet to be remembered this way.
Glass work by Kirk Bragdon!!!! He does beautiful work.
Wish I knew who made these but I don't.
While this piece called Wired to Quilt still hung in my living room the sun shown on it one morning leaving these interesting shadows...
I'll hopefully see it in the art show this weekend on Saturday. The reception is between 2-4 at the Lawler House Art Gallery in Suisun, CA. If you are in the area please drop by. Show runs to end of January 2011. Have a wonderful weekend.
I sure plan to.


  1. I wish I could be in the area to see this all. have fun

  2. Love your "wired" quilt. What a great array of art in this exhibit. Oh, my, wish I were there!

  3. I hope you have a good time at the Show. Wish I could be there. Love the Shadow Shot.

  4. good luck at the show. does sound fun. if i were there, i'd be there. smile.

  5. What a fun piece by Ken Chew. All the work is great. Wish I could come to the exhibit too. Great on the kudos you got on FB.

  6. Lovely! I did an internet search for Ann Jacobs, because I was fascinated by her art. Couldn't find anything other than some romance novel author. If you find a link for her, would you please send it to me? I lOVE her mixed media collage you showed.

  7. Elizabeth, try this url for more art by Ann Jacobs. Also google her Ann Jacobs Fairfield, CA artist

  8. Very nice things, and I LOVE that glass, (of course I would). Sounds like a fun time.

  9. Wonderful things by all artists!

    Marianne is going to try stained glass. I hope she sees that sweet piece.


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