Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First of Four Days Away: Willits, CA

click on collage to see details

We went away for four days, Friday through Monday! Our first stop was in Willits, CA...en route to the coast but about 40 minutes from it. We stayed at a rustic Western Inn (the old west/cowboy rustic). In the collage you can see DH looking out a window next to our bed made from twisted tree limbs. It was rainy off and on...we enjoyed walking the streets and stopping in shops. We had fun in the toy store where this young woman with the frog in her hair was our welcomer and cashier. I bought some cool stamps that look like typewriter letters and numbers and punctuation! Can't wait to start using them. I also got a stamp in Hebrew letters saying Shabat Shalom! And two little wooden dradils for my grand kids. DH got some knights on horseback for his classroom.

Keep tuned in to see our time on the coast in Mendocino next.

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  1. What fun this looked and sounded like. Love the milk bottle photo and the frog lady. :))

  2. What a wonderful excursion! I hope you are dodging the rain! ..... and I LOVE your hat(s)!!!

  3. glad you were able to get away for a short holiday. so important to do things like this for yourself.

  4. I'm so Happy for you to have a fun
    little getaway! The frog lady looks so cute and happy. :)
    Hugs to you,

  5. Looks like fun to me. The lady with the frog in her hair must be quite a character.

  6. I love that you and DH get away for day trips so often.

    We may do one this afternoon to the town that holds the gallery that sells my stuff. I can pay my rent in person and then indulge in an early dinner at our favorite grill.
    Simple pleasures make me so happy ;)

    I think I need a frog for my hair!♥

  7. It's amazing what you miss when you are gone a few days without access to internet service. I want to know what's up with the photo of the AC? Tell me it wasn't THAT warm (grin).


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