Sunday, December 19, 2010

Quiet Saturday, Showing More of Friday & More Art Sold!

You are not allowed to take photos in the museum gift shop (either) but I snuck this one before I got "caught!" I loved these necklaces and bracelets by a local woman using hand painted buttons and yarn/strings. Enlarge to see details. They are so pretty! It was a quiet Saturday for us. I only went out to do some banking and to get groceries. The rest of the day I sat and read (The Book Thief) and dozed. It was a wonderful lazy daisy day. Oh I ate some low-fat coffee ice cream too. So I will probably be up all night reading!
So I made another collage of more photos from our day in the city yesterday. I like that window INSIDE the museum (upper left corner); The rain on the window crossing the bridge; the sea gull watching the choppy water; red and white and green flowers in balls looking like Christmas decorations on display inside the museum; the button jewelry; a tall building that gave a wonderful pattern of windows;two more paintings; and Henry hanging out at home in a box DH used to bring home gifts from his students. They must be hell bent on our gaining weight with boxes of home made cookies and candies! But oh so good. He lets me open the gifts, as he knows I enjoy that. ;-)))
I've taken two weeks off from the challenge is what to accomplish in that time?!
Sweet mail came today in the form of a small check from the Pence Art Gallery in Davis! I sold something in November it says. They don't say what! They take a percentage so I haven't figured it out yet, but am thrilled to have a sale! It's such a compliment when I sell a piece of art.
Remember I lowered my prices in my ETSY shop so if you are still looking for something for someone take a gander...I'll do my best to ship it to you quickly! ;-) [click on ETSY shop highlighted here or see it on my side bar]


  1. I dont think you will have any trouble filling in the two weeks!

  2. Lynn without something to do? Watch out world - crocheting Cristo might do something to the golden gate bridge!!

  3. Congratulations on your sale!! I know that feels great! I also have vacation coming....11 days! Heaven. I am trying to plan my time so I don't waste any of it. Time becomes more precious the older I get! Don't worry about the extra cookies and candies don't count. (I wish!)

  4. Oh goodie.. the photo turned out. those are cute necklaces too. Lots of great photos here. Lazy days are good for refueling. Yes Congrats on selling something.

  5. Those necklaces are pretty, but the little fibers would be too ticklish and drive me up the wall!

    Congrats on the sale. Oh yes, we love affirmations that we're doing the right thing!

  6. Lynn, there's nothing like a trip to the city is there? I'm like you. Love to take jewelry pics at museums, but have never been stopped before. Goodness, did they think you'd steal the idea?

    Congrats on your Pence sale AND taking 2 weeks off. It sounds like a time rich with promise:)

  7. Time flies this time of year. I have no doubt you will keep busy. Have fun .


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