Monday, December 20, 2010

Art won at Auction; Neckties on Parade!

KJ has a charity she is raising money of her clients in need of financial support. Annie Coe held an auction to raise money for KJ's charity. I entered the auction and won this delightful painting by Annie Coe! Thank you Annie. And if you'd like to contribute to KJ's charity go here. See KJ's side bar for place to DONATE. ******************
I have collected 31 neckties and will soon start to turn these beautiful silks and cotton ties into
something quiltable!
I found them at thrift stores and paid from $1-$2 a piece for them.
A real deal! Let the wild rumpus begin! Looking for last minute gifts? Check out my ETSY on my sidebar. All prices have been reduced for better buys in the spirit of the season! ;-)


  1. Congrats on winning the auction. Its a lovely piece of Art. I cant wait to see what you do wit the ties. I know it will be special. Look at all those cool tags on them....wonder if you will incorperate them into the design...:)

  2. Lucky you and can't wait to see what you create of those ties!
    I love it that you see creative opportunities in just about anything :)

    Have a nice day!

  3. You are really getting a huge collection going! How fun is this??? Can't wait to see what you will make with it. Oh...I am taking my DIL to the mall, so will get a pic of the clothes at that one store I told you about. I thought of you yesterday at a small art gallery where the artists were so enthusiastic...just like you...and so encouraging to me!!! Thank God for you lovely artists out there!!!

  4. I can see that there will soon be something beautiful made of silk fabric. Can't wait to see what emerges from all those slik ties.

  5. Lynn, you are such a HOOT!

    That was sweet and generous of Annie to donate a painting and sweet and generous of you to bid on it. yay for winning!

    Those ties are going to be something great, I just know it.

    Happiest holidays Lynn!♥

  6. Lynn, so happy you like it and that it arrived so fast. Thank you again for bidding!
    I love all the ties and know you will make something wonderful out of them!

  7. Lynn, I can't wait to see what fabulous creations will come from all of those ties!

    Love to you and Henry V.....(I adored the photo of him in the shoebox!)


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. Cris, it is, Annie's art is awesome! So happy to own more of it. ;-))) Pendants and now this wonderful piece to hang on my wall.

    Marianne, thanks. DH and I walked across some wet leaves on the rainy sidewalk and he started to exclaim in a joking way: "Oh I see a quilt here!" knowing that I would see it as ART and he was right, I did!!!! Was sorry I didn't have my camera with me.

    Julie, sweet on all counts!!!!

    Lisa me too. Am deconstructing them first...this is a time consuming process...

    So we are all waiting, including me, to see what these ties become!


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