Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rose Ann And Downtown Xmas

I made a new hat and scarf this week. The scarf is knit in a drop stitch style and the hat is crocheted like the others I have made, but I finished it off to drape down on two sides like a hood. Both are made from very soft thin yarns. I knew it would look good on my petite hair dresser, Rose Ann, so at noon I went to the salon where she performs her magic to give them to her. I told her I wanted to photograph her modeling them. Isn't she a doll?
Needless to say she loved both the hat and scarf, which she knew how to drape just beautifully. This top tree is in my neighbors' yard and looked so pretty against the gray sky. Downtown the huge Christmas tree towers above the park where it stands flanked by the flags of California and the United States! *** I liked this sign in the salon window:
That fit so well with the menorah that represents a miracle
in the next door "naughty lady" shop window! LOL
~ Happy Holidays~ on
Grateful Thursday


  1. Lynn the scarf is lovely so delicate and looks perfect on rose Anne ...xx

  2. What an adorable hat and scarf, and a beautiful model. You are so good to your hairdresser. BTW, Henry looked good in his hat yesterday, too!

  3. Your hairdresser is a perfect model for your creations. what a great idea.

  4. i want to look like Rose Ann!!

    The set looked lovely on her Lynn.

    What's a pair of legs doing behind that menorah????

  5. Your hairdresser is a perfect model. She is certainly a doll.

  6. What a lovely thought giving your hair dresser the scarf & hat. She is adorable in it and without it. but especially in it. :)

  7. aw lynn, three fine pictures of you (the glass reflection made me smile)

    rose ann is a total doll. she must have LOVED the photos you took. her spirit is as beautiful as her face. i wonder if she a talkative or a quiet hairdresser....

    love to you lynn

  8. Adorable! They look like the perfect gift for Rose Ann.


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