Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday With Grandkids=special time!

On Sunday we went down to see our two grand kids and their was a fun day...starting with brunch on the avenue. My grand daughter is modeling a little shirt I found for her at the thrift store!
She loved it.

Our grandson showed off the medal his soccer team received at the end of this season. They had fun piling on the hats and scarves I had crocheted for all of them on GD. My GS loved his stuffed guitar! My GD is sewing a dress, her first, she made from a pillow case. The picture is one she drew matching fabrics to clothing she designed in her after school textile art class. The bottom blue fabric has a rubbery feel to it. She told me the blue in the woman's handis her "yoga mat"! The top yellow with white dot fabric is like a rain slicker. This girl is going places!

She can thread the needle and stitch the sash to the dress, tie a knot at the end of her work. They were so cute getting their gifts and showing lots and lots of appreciation. It warmed my heart.
My "hat family" had fun and were funny.
GS loved his thrift store sweater too!!
Stuffed Snake was a big hit too!
Notice all the missing teeth and new teeth coming in.
My grand daughter and I had some time together while she told me about school, how the teacher talks to them a lot in Hebrew, and then she switches to English "so we'll know what we need to do!" She knows a lot of Hebrew words and said she can read stories in Hebrew now.
Soon I know she will know more than me.
Both kids read a page of English in their "level one" books to me!
But mostly we played around and laughed and joked.
I got the thread and needle handed to me to sew up "Poley" the stuffed polar bear that used to be my daughters and now has been passed down to my grand kids. He had a few tears with stuffing coming out. Grandma Lynn quickly stitched him back up good as new. After the weekend of tragic news in our country (violent shooting of a congresswoman and many others in Arizona) it was a relief
to be with my family.
My heart and prayers go out to all those families who are having a much harder time right now.


  1. I know you were especially happy to be with them after the terrible tragedy there. It makes you sick to think about it.

    Your gifts to the kids were really great...I love them all. The guitar turned out so beautifully, Lynn! Love the material you used!

    Your grands just sound and look like the sweetest angels! I'm sure you are right that soon they will soon surpass your Hebrew better stay on your toes!!! LOL. :)

  2. This is a post filled with love for your family Lynn!

    How wonderful that your GD is learning Hebrew! MAybe she can teach you something you don't already know!

  3. Lynn what joyful pictures of your lovely family .....i love the stuffed guitar .....xx

  4. What a blessing to be able to visit your family. I am glad to see all went well and gifts were well received. They look darling in their Hat Family photo. A treasure.

  5. your grandkids are so sweet and super. Your GD's drawing is pretty amazing, don't most kids to stick figures? I love her sewing project.

    prayers going out to all victims of violence and hatred. Such a sad event.

  6. What a wonderful fun day! The time we spend with our grandkids is precious. Yours are accomplishing great things. I love the photos!

  7. It looks like another fun time with the Family. The kids look like they are really enjoying your gifts you made. They all turned out wonderfully. Looks like GD is going to be a designer..Sewing is in her blood I see. :)

  8. These kids are just plain spoiled! Ain't it fun? They look like wonderful kids and I'm glad you had a nice weekend with them.

  9. What a beautiful day and after the tragedy here, I think we all appreciate our family even more.

  10. Wow, those kids are really HAPPY. I'm glad to see their gifts you worked on. I think the guitar takes the prize, though. Well, maybe the hats, too. But the fun that your entire family had can't be faked. It was filled with love, joy, and no distractions from the outside world.

  11. Those are some lucky kids and a lucky grandma too! :) Beautiful family Lynn, I see you in your daughter.
    Just a wonderful day. ♥
    Love to you,
    Jenny :)

  12. Wonderful family,,,and what a collection of photos!

    I also see you in your daughter. So nice!
    The picture of your GD sewing is just precious! Looks like it's in her blood too. Super!

  13. You have a very cute family!! I love all of the handmade and thriftstore treasures ... They are all so cozy and soft ... Much better than cheap plastic things that break :)

    We have family in Tucson who are in a state of shock over the tragedy. There have been some regrettable words exchanged in the recent past over politics and immigration .... My hope is that these loose words will become a thing of the past .... And more thoughtful and open discourse will occur - within our family and within the nation. It is all so so very sad.

    Thank you for stopping by for tea today! Your cinnamon tea sounds like a great choice at work - I'll bet you had people wondering what that good smell was in the office :)


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