Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Out of The Bag...or Guilty CAT!

Happy Guilty Animal Wednesday! Or all about Henry!

Produced by Lynn

Directed by Henry

Best Actor: Henry!

Musical background: DH, unbeknownst to him!


  1. OHHHH henry! I love this... and love your hubby singing in the background!

    My 18 yr old man kitty is notorious for all sorts of trouble. Lately, i cant figure out why he refuses to drink out of his water dish.. yet he has no problem drinking out of my water cup when i'm painting!!!!

    hugs to you Lynn... still love that sunflower!

    oh and happy Pasach.. is that right?

  2. HAHA hilarious, that Henry certainly has a personality. Altho I am not a cat person, I do love watching them and drawing them.
    And yes, happy pesach Lynnie to you and yours.

  3. hahaha, typical cat, although it cracked me up that it was kitty fabric! Loved hearing one of my favorite songs being sung by DH, and lovely to hear your voice too.


  4. This is too funny. He was in there looking for his favorite kitty fabric to cuddle with. :)) Love how you get DH singing without really taping him singing. :) Thanks for giving us a longer listen to that beautiful voice.

  5. DH sing in the background is priceless. Now about Henry, he is adorable and he did look guilty!!!
    Cat fabric, who knew he could find his own kind in a bag...this is so funy and I thank you for sharing this cloudy morning. Hugs, mary

  6. great movie. Henry is too much. fun to hear your voice too and DH playing the music. When does this go on DVD?

  7. Too funny ! Kooky Kitty Cat ! Love that the fabric was cat fabric...
    Happy Wednesday to all of you !

  8. Henry has the sweetest face! Even when it is his guilty face!!

  9. So Henry has good taste in fabric. Must have been that beautiful singing that got him going.


  10. I just love that beeautiful singing voice - please post more - and often!

  11. Thanks for the early morning giggle. Love the photos of your son Dan in the last post. So sweet!

  12. Thanks for sharing lynn of all these gorgeous and soothing photos.

    I really admire you to have the time to go outing. Moreover with you loved ones.

    I love your new header too, sorry if i haven't drop by very often, I just check out your old posts.
    Wow! Your best friend came and visit you...just so much happening that made you busy and contented.

    Take care, I read your email message to me. I will reply you shortly:)

    Happy weekends lynn!

  13. Henry, I love you so! And Lynn I loved hearing your voice and your DH has a beautiful voice!Bravo.

  14. Hilarious! Great seeing Henry in motion and hearing your voice. I haven't been on your blog (or any blog) for so long. I see you're doing video now. That's great. Looking forward to more.


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