Monday, May 30, 2011

Busy Creative Weekend!

I got a bee in my bonnet to make a prayer flag and found some red, white and blue fabrics in my stash, which I easily cut into triangles and sewed to a continuous blue top. You can see them outside and inside!
Then it was time to make a birthday card for my first grand child who turned 21 this week. I'm late by a few days...Remember that wonky heart I knit when learning fair isle knitting for the baby afghan? I pulled it out of my basket of yarns and tied it to a hard board folded in half
8" X 11" card and on the inside I wrote:
What to send to my recently turned 21 year old grandson?
Words of Wisdom, Mikiah:
From my perch of nearly 70 years you'd think I'd have something profound to say. In fact it's all quite simple.
Live life to the goes by faster than you'd believe.
It pays to be honest, kind hearted and caring. Whether you call it Karma or just common sense, it does come back to bite you
and I'd rather be kissed than bit.
The Commandment that says do unto other as you would have others do unto you will give you a life of few regrets. And no matter
how you try to paint life later you cannot erase those things you wish you'd never done or said.
Causing others pain causes you the most pain of all. I know.
Make the most of each day. Don't be afraid of hard work. Learn at every corner. Create when you can.
Take time to smell the roses, look at things of's in nature all around you, just open your eyes, see, smell, listen, touch, feel, and taste it...Life!
Life is a journey of adventures, it has waves that beg you to ride its crests, and you often crash down in ways that bruise the ego, heart and body,
if in the end we can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and say for the most part we enjoyed the ride then we created more good than
naught in life and that is very worthwhile.
Stay the ride it's worth it in the end.
Your Grandma Lynn
And after that I had to sew a patch on the big quilt that had come undone on one seam in the dryer. After I put it aside before I had time to fold it and put it away
it became heavy at the bottom.
Looking further I found my furry friend curled up
snoozing in his new favorite place.
What's a gal to do?


  1. Just dropping by to say Hi Lynn! You've been so productive - at least 10 posts I hadn't read!!

  2. You wear me out. Look at all you do. I wish you would bottle that energy. :) I love the pix of Henry in the blanket. His tent. :)) Love the words of wisdom. Always good at any age.

  3. lynn, this is so wise and touching i can only thank you for sharing it. wow. i hope your grandson tucks this away somewhere because there will be a time when he will understand every word.

    the part about being kind and do undo others is sometimes the hardest. and, you;re right, the most important.

    fanastic lynn. ♥

  4. Ahh that Henry!

    Lovely flag and card. Wish I got words of wisdom like that when I was young......
    A few good reminders here for me as well.....

    What a sweet and priceless gift!

    have a nice day!

  5. A marvelous prayer flag Lynn. Your Grandson will appreciate your card no doubt. Henry obviously needs a blanket of his own. I can see that you have enjoyed your weekend.

  6. love the prayer flag. the words of wisdom are very moving. do unto others and being kind. i have always believed these words. i hope i have carried through. henry is going to have quilt shock when you mail his quilt away. or will that be empty nest syndrome?

  7. You've given the best gift of all -- a gift of the heart filled with words of love and light! What a treasured gift this will be!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo


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