Friday, June 17, 2011

Catching Up On Past Fun!

A week or so ago Diane met Patty and I at the Sunflower Art Show and afterwords we went out to celebrate my win! We visited Le Ciocolate a wonderful Davis bakery for dessert to die for (or from, depending on your prospective)! Patty picked out a slice of that pink raspberry mousse cake...and Diane and I both chose
Chocolate Truffle Cake that was thick and rich and yummy!
(I only ate half of mine, really!)
Afterwards we went over to Diane's home because I wanted Patty to see her quilts. Diane has been quilting for many years and she makes teeny tiny hand stitches that are just unbelievable.
And she has an eye for wonderful fabrics that she chooses and pieces together.
I believe she said this one was going for a cancer fund project.
She makes lots of quilts she gives away to charities.
Here Patty is examining and exclaiming over this work in progress!
And here Diane is explaining the symbolism to this Succot piece.
(that's a Jewish holiday)
She also does collaborative work with other quilters/artists and this is one of them.
I am so fortunate to call both of these wonderful women
my friends!
Lucky me ♥


  1. What inspiration. You are mightly blessed.

  2. Oh! Lynn, gooey chocolate cake and you only ate half!!!!!
    Your friends quilts look lovely and you will gain inspiration from her to, no doubt. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. you do have some wonderful creative friends. mmmm, those treats look so yummy too.

  4. Yes, lucky you! Friendship stitched with teeny tiny hand stitches :)

  5. What lovely work Diane does. You do keep company with the coolest people. :)) Fun post.

  6. Lucky you!
    What a sweet post Lynn!
    beautiful quilts she makes and such original pieces!
    Enjoy your weekend♥

  7. Beautiful quilts and lovely friends, the best of both worlds.

  8. It is so nice to see a handstitched quilt. Thats what I do. I find it relaxing and your friend does a wonderful quilt. Yhat cake looked to good, just one little bite!!! love, Mary


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