Monday, June 13, 2011

John Natsculas Gallery in Davis CA

I took Patty to the John Natsculas Gallery after lunch a couple of Fridays ago... This amazing sculpture greeted us on First Street! I photographed the artists name of this piece, but unfortunately it did not come out clearly. I apologize to the artist, but you had to see them they are wonderful!
Then we went into this Philip Buller exhibit. I love how the lights turn on automatically when you walk into the huge room. Enlarge this so you can read about his art, his techniques are so interesting and appealing to the eye. The exhibit is called "Pace" and he does something wonderful with painting on screening that covers or is raised above the painting underneath that gives a wonderful 3D quality and sense of movement.
Patty's getting a close up look, but then when we stood back we'd see something entirely different!
These pieces were other artists works and were in the stairwell to the next floor of the gallery.
This one kind of gave me a headache
I had to show Patty the bathroom there, a real bathroom with real art...these wash
cloths which she thought were fabric were actually ceramic!
as are the ones on the wall...
and they were all for sale: the price list
and the panties on the wall too over the toilet!
From there on another floor we visited an exhibit by Robert Minuzzo called "River Rocks"
Each painting had a rock next to it that he apparently or obviously
used to inspire the painting.
And on the way out through the gift shop again we said goodbye to Miss Rabbit (not her real name)
and for your information
we did NOT lose my car this time!
It was across the street right through that pretty floral archway!
There is more to our day that day
but for another post!
I love Sharing Art Days!!!!


  1. Miss Rabbit is quite a gal!

    Loved seeing this art - thanks Lynn!

  2. what an amazing gallery! I love that artwork - gosh - people are so talented aren't they?

  3. a great variety of art approached. it must be so inspiring to live in such a creative spot!

  4. I can't wait to see how this art reflects in your art. What an inspiring outing. Mrs Rabbit reminds me of those pictures that are taken of people in Walmart that are sent around in emails. Ha..

  5. You visit the coolest galeries! I'm so glad that you share them with us--Love Miss Rabbit!

  6. WOW! Great art. And that Miss Rabbit reminds me of a playboy "bunny!" LOL!

  7. That Miss Rabbit is a hoot. LOL Fun gallery to go visit. look forward to more.

  8. What a wonderful art day! Love so much of all this artwork...but the washcloths folded in a stack in the bathroom is awesome!!!!!

  9. Wow this looks like a cool exhibition!!!
    You and Patty must have had a wonderful day!
    Bet you ended up in that Ben and Jerry's ;)
    thanks for showing!

  10. That looks like a fun gallery to go through! I'd use the bathroom just to view the art - how wonderful!

  11. Such an array of talent!! My fave are the river rock paintings. What a neat idea.

    I hope you came away inspired! I know I just did ;)

    Thanks Lynn!

  12. This looks fun! I especially like the bathroom and the rabbit.


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