Saturday, July 23, 2011

They Say They Are About Ready

These photos just arrived via my son's iPhone. My son looks so proud as I imagine he just finished putting together the crib in the freshly painted room for their baby that is due August 16th.
I love this picture of Jackie posing just like the woman in the journal quilt I made for her when she was just first pregnant. She has finally grown into it.

You can also see the "taggies" I made hanging to the right of the stuffed doggie. Sweet. ***************

Grandma Lynn hit the garage sales of all garage sales today where a woman was selling children's books that were brand new for $1 each; and Boyd Collection collector dolls and teddy bears. I came home with three grocery bags full of books and one girl doll and two bears. I also got some craft items. The sad part of the story was the woman sitting there whose things these were. I noticed her hand shaking as though she might suffer from Parkinson's Disease. I do not think she was as old as I am. I was later told she also suffered from Amnesia. Who knew this was a disease that could befall someone not under catastrophic conditions like an accident, as was not the case for her. I knelt down to talk to her and to thank her for sharing her collections and told her they'd be going to my grandchildren and would be treasured. She spontaneously reached up to hug me and said: "You are a nice lady"... What a sweetheart she is. I went away counting my blessings...and realizing once again how every moment is precious in life. One never knows.

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  1. Isn't that the truth. You never know. I hope all goes well for this new Grandchild of yours. It looks like the parents are ready. How exciting.

  2. Very exciting times, oh yeah, baby!

    I'm sure Jackie is super eager to have the baby here,,,,she definitely looks ready. Love the "best of Show" title.
    Happy couple,,eagerly awaiting,,,sweet indeed!

  3. very sweet in very way, lynn


  4. beautiful post.
    That's nice that you knelt down to assure that lady her items were going to a good home. You're so kind Lynn.

    I have a friend whose sister has amnesia induced by alcohol addiction. So sad. And Parkinson's runs in my family. Let's hope it skips many generations!

    I think KJ's grandbaby is due around the same time :)

  5. You are kind Lynn. To take the time to speak to and pay attention to this lovely.

    very exciting about the crib and the big day. many blessings to all of you.

  6. When I saw what was at that garage sale I knew I wanted to buy a lot, but I had no money with me. I put a few things aside and told them I had to go to the bank but would be back. I had actually set out to go to Michaels for some transfer paper I needed for work on my new quilt.
    But I could not stop thinking about that woman who had collected so many children's book and dolls. Who were they for? They were in mint condition. How long had she had them?
    Why was she parting with them now? I felt like I was robbing her of her precious treasures. I had to thank her. I had to let her know I appreciated her generosity. She must have been obsessed every time she went to a book store. You can't imagine what was there to pick from. I had to acknowledge some level of understanding for her love of these things before I took them away. And then I learned of her health issues. It was just so sad. Life can be, you know. People need to be respected & appreciated. That's all I was doing. You would have done the same.

  7. Come on Baby. Wont be long. And it was nice of you to go back to talk to this Woman. You did get lots of great things that will be treasured for sure. Sad about her life tho but she obviously enjoyed when she could remember and that's what counts.

  8. I love these photos, and soon you will be holding your grandchild. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to share time with our new Annabelle. I love finding things at yard sales, treasures to be found and you found, Mary

  9. Oh how exiting! The room looks great.
    Sometimes we have to count our blessings....


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