Tuesday, July 26, 2011

View From My Hammock; Sunflower Quilt's Next Steps

On the weekend, and in the evenings after work I find time to go out back and lay in my hammock. I take a good book and my camera. I love looking up at my view through the vines... to the sky...this pink tree is actually over the fence in my neighbor's back yard...
I wait patiently for the hummers to come and visit me and my lilies of the Nile...
I think this delicate flower and background looks like a painting waiting to happen...
I've finished two good books recently; this one last night...I liked it, I like this author; and Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult, for which you can see my "review" on my side bar.
I know it says hot, but in the evening in the shade it's really pleasant. We do NOT suffer high humidity as some states are having right now.
And I am still working diligently on my latest Sunflower art quilt. I have actually started the sewing on top!
This is what I did before the sewing could begin...I did some stamping with bubble wrap and gold paint...and added some flower stamps to it...
I transferred some Sunflower poetry by Allen Ginsburg and Jerry Garcia (very up to date!) lol
And now the sewing can begin (and has)...
Very fitting for Blooming Tuesday, yes?


  1. Thats a great shot of that Hummer you got.. You have a friend in your yard. :)) The quilt is looking good. cant wait to see it finished but dont hurry.. enjoy the process. Some great photos here...I am loving your new camera.

  2. Oh how special that is to have hummers in your garden! Just wonderful. The sunflower quilt you are working on looks so sunny and bright!. You enjoy your hammock dear!

  3. Your garden must be a bit of heaven!!! Love the way your quilt is developing, Lynn! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. The quilt is looking great. I like Anita Shreve too, I haven't read that book though. We have only seen 1 hummer this year.

  5. You have all sorts of blooms going on around you Lynn. Love the way the quilt is evolving. HBT.

  6. Your work is always so dreamy beautiful! Love all the layers and depth of this new piece...Just like you garden is simply magical! :)

  7. Great shots! Especially the hummingbird one.


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