Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Even Though I have already...

Knit and sent a baby blanket; sewn and sent a baby quilt, knit three sweaters, and five stuffed I just had to make something else now that SHE is here: Believe it or not I found this sweet soft NEW flannel and SATIN trim at a thrift store with two rolls of ribbon for $1.50. Someone was obviously thinking of making something and changed their mind. So I bought the bag full and brought it home and yesterday morning I sat at my sewing machine and made this sweet soft receiving, swaddling blanket 36" square!!!! Oh and it came with an iron on patch which I also stitched on for permanency. And just in case you haven't gotten enough of her yet, here she is again on her first day of life outside the womb bonding with her daddy. (my son). ;-)
I also found this flannel at a garage sale and used ribbon from that first stash bag mentioned and hemmed a 2nd receiving/swaddling blanket! Now I am sure she'll be well wrapped and warm.
I used a VVVV stitch (zig zag) to hem it and a straight stitch to add the thin line of ribbon inside the VVV stitches. The ribbon colors matched the flannel perfectly. (They were from two separate sales)! Fancy that! I'll tell Jackie to save the blankets after she no longer needs them as they are perfect size for doll blankets when she gets big enough to want to play with dolls.
And now I have to go to my day job
and make some money
for more goodies
so I can make more
things for HER.
In case you hadn't noticed she has yet to be named.


  1. Oh, congratulations. What a cutie she is. She'll love all the things you're making her I'm sure

  2. Nothing like thinking ahead, receiving blankets for her dolls. What fun. Wonderfully warm blankets. What great finds the flannel and ribbon were. You have an eye for these things.

  3. Adorable.. the blankets too..:)) She is going to be the best dressed kid in Town.

  4. You made some beautiful blankets and she is such a cutie!

  5. Oh my gosh she is soooo little. congratulations Grammy Lynn. I'm glad your wait is finally ove!

  6. Congratulations Lynn!!! SO cute baby and lovely blankets for her frm her granny:)
    Wishes and prayers to the litlun:)


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