Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All Kinds of Animals This Animal Wednesday!

This long eared jack rabbit is one many that run around in the field near where "our" burrowing owls live.... Our newest animal is this little girl shown just born this past'll be seeing more of her I betcha...
The hawk flew up over the fields of sunflowers near where we live...
and this little guy was in the audience at the outdoor performance of the Old West Trio last week...
Meanwhile, back at the art gallery a herd of elephants was seen tromping through the front room...Ken Chew painted these...
This little dog and his people were spotted watching the hand gliders over the Pacific Ocean in South San Francisco on Sunday last...
I found this colorful rooster at the "Animals, Animals, Animals" art show in our local gallery...
And almost last, but not least is good ole Henry V nestled down in a nest he has made for himself under a bush in our front yard.
And here they are again, my beautiful daughter in law and her first child, still unnamed, nestled in their hospital bed on day two of her life in the outside world.
Anyone know the longest a couple has gone NOT naming their new born child? My son said in Oregon they can go a full year! They won't will they? Will they? Oy Vey! Kids!!!!
Happy Animal Wednesday


  1. That baby needs a name! Maybe they're just teasing you!

    Lovely animals especially mr Henry. Plus that long eared rabbit - I've never seen anythin like that!

  2. All the animals are neat. I especially like the human animal. Here they won't let you out of the hospital without naming the baby. At least it was like that when I had my children. That was a long time ago. Ha... THey might have changed that rule.

  3. I love your animal variety ... That jack rabbit had amazing ears!

    Sweet sweet grand baby .... For now, love will be her name :)

  4. What a fun post today. I am not sure what I liked best.. the Baby. the Jack Rabbit the dogs.. its ALL WONDERFUL. but I do love that baby. Poor nameless baby. They have to name her soon or we might just have to name her.. Sweet pea or something sweet. :))

  5. Congratulations on your new grandkid!!! They will gave the baby a wonderful name, I am sure.

    Thanks for sharing all these kinds of animals - a true Animal Wednesday - HAW!

  6. Oh what a great group of photos! Lovely animals and the baby, too cute. And definitely in need of name, right away!

    Happy Animal Wed. G

  7. Neat animals with king Henry being the best of course.

    That baby needs her own post Lynn!!!! Not snuggled in with all the animals.


  8. They sure are taking their time with the naming - lovely pics Lynn!!
    That rabbit's ears are something - 'all the better to hear you with my dear'!


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