Thursday, August 18, 2011

Name The Baby

On August 13, 2011, three days before due date, Jackie went into labor and worked at it for 33 hours when it was decided that a C section had to be performed. The next photo is of that operation so if you are squeamish about such things scroll down quickly to the 3rd photo. My son took these photos (I was not there) and I think the birth photo is very arty!
This is actually day three after the birth and this is Dan's dad or Abba as we say in Hebrew, and therefore baby's Sabba. (my first husband).
Our precious grand daughter does not yet have a name. The parents are asking their friends for suggestions for names on face book. If you would like to suggest a name I will gladly pass it on. I think Jackie suggested a prize for the name chosen of some baked goods. LOL But since you are all over the map perhaps you'll play just for the fun of it.
This is a bath scene and baby does not seem to be at all happy being dabbed with water!
This is one tired but happy new mommy. And this is precious baby on birth day.
They are calling her Auntie Brenda.
Dear Brenda is my son's first wife.
We all stay connected in our family it seems even after divorces
and remarriages. It's a good thing!
Baby smiling while mom is busy on the phone.
This is Jackie's first child. Very very much wanted.
And worked hard for.
I know she will be a terrific mother.
You just can't start becoming a techie too young these days!
So tiny!
It looks like she is playing dolls. These are my three Oregonian Grand kids.
Mikiah is the oldest at 21, Dan's first;
Kaeli Rose is next turning 18 next month;
and then little precious one.
Mikiah is bonding with his new little tiny sister.
This is grateful Thursday!
I am sure it's not the last of my baby pictures I will
want to share with you!
Need I say just how grateful I am today
being patient


  1. Beautiful photo's Lynn!

    I have always loved the name Hannah (a Jewish name yes?)and I've just finished reading a book where that was the main character's name.

    I'm sure whatever name the parents choose will be special!

  2. Naming a baby is such a personal thing. I am sure a name will come tumbling out of their mouths soon. How precious to have the three Grands together in a photo.

  3. Such a special time and she's so beautiful--when they find the right name they'll know.
    P.S. I envy you :)

  4. she is so very beautiful lynn. congratulations times a million. i know you can't wait to meet her.

    i might name a baby girl grace....

    with love

  5. So very beautiful little baby! Congratulations! I am sure the parents soon will know what the name is :-)

  6. Patty, Hannah is a beautiful name and I passed your suggestion on to the kids.

    KJ I told them about Grace as well.

    Thanks to all of you with your good wishes. I am truly blessed.

  7. what a precious baby. I love the name Sara. Her mama is Jewish and it seems to fit.

  8. wow, so exciting all these wonderful pics that baby.....can look at some day.

    I like Hannah a lot too. Or Melinda.

  9. Aaawwww makes my heart melt and do a double treble flip. What a cutie pie. she will bring you all such joy.What about Star or Rain? Love the names for this little sweetie.Needs to be short strong name I think.

  10. Just beautiful, all this family to shower her with love!

    I actually like the name Sunshine. Not kidding.
    Sunnie for short.
    But then, I very much like traditional names too. Like Grace.

  11. In honor of my mother I choose Ruth...Ruthie.

    But I also love the name Grace. And Bliss.

    What a sweetheart, Lynn. And mom looks beautiful, radiant!

    Blessings to one and all.♥

  12. Congratulations Lynn!!!!!
    What a darling miracle!
    I already saw the name so I don't have to guess;)
    You must be so happy and proud!


  13. Love all the pictures and especially the narrative with each one....I'm feeling very connected to your family! What happy moments.


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