Friday, August 19, 2011


Who does she look like? The black and white photos are me as a new born (with my mom) Check out the noses and hair...eyebrows??? Maybe
both tiny...LOL
Check out those screams!!! Identical twins! Right? Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I woke up this morning thinking baby names....they flowed out in this order
1. Allison
2. Allie
3. Ellie
Well my son called me this evening as they were getting ready to leave the hospital to tell me ("before we put it on facebook" he said) that they had chosen a name for the baby.
They chose ALLIE
Middle Name is BEL
My son had not noticed that I had suggested Allie on his facebook page! So maybe it's a psychic thing? Who knows, but we were certainly on the same wave length.
My dad's name was Al (Alfred); He was called Ellie. Allie fits nicely inbetween for this grand daughter. My daugher is Adena and we call her Ady for short.
I'm real comfortable with their choice in names.


  1. What a lovely name for a lovely little girl. My husband always reckons that I am rummaging around in his brain and keeps telling me to get out. So a psychic link between you two is quite possible.

  2. cute post showing you and little Allie in similar poses so to speak. Great name. It's different.

  3. aww this is so sweet lynn. and damn, allie looks like you!!! i want logan to look like me!! (no evidence so far) :^)

    i love allie's name. it will define her in life in a wonderful way.

    allie, would you like to meet logan james? like you, he comes from a good family.

  4. Big thumbs up for the name Allie. I like it a lot.
    Also the Bel. My grandmother's name was Belle, I always thought it was very pretty.
    Great pics!

  5. Oh, Congrats Lynn on the new, sweet grandchild! Allie is a wonderful name!I think you do look like twins! xoxo

  6. Judith, My son and I have lots of experiences since he was a child of knowing what the other is thinking or going to say, etc.

    Suki, my kids are all about "different"!!!

    KJ, I am sure Allie would be honored to meet Logan James! Maybe they can go to a prom together some day! ;-)

    Babs, Allie's maternal great grandmother's name was Belle. They just shortened it a bit for her. To be "different" as Suki says.

    Annie, thanks. ;-)

  7. what a close resemblance to you- I can definitely see it. And the name fits her perfectly. such happiness all round.

  8. Yes I too can see the resemblance in the two of your. Your Genes must be the strong ones. I love the name. I think it fits her well. Little Allie oop. LOL. wasnt there a song with that in it? :)) Allie Bel. Her initials with be ABC. You can do lots with that in your Art for her. I can see it already. :)

  9. Nice names Beautiful girl and she DOES look like you but then...... she has your blood.
    When will you see her????

    Enjoy your weekend Lynn♥

  10. Amazing! Allie is such a lovely name. I can't believe you knew it before they did. she's going to be grandma's little girl.


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