Friday, August 19, 2011

Twenty Minute Challenge

I recently joined Teri C's Twenty Minute Challenge blog. Each evening this week I have spent exactly 20 minutes (I must set a timer) to sit and draw a subject and paint it and stop when the timer goes off done or not. #1 Doll in Living Room #2 Husband in Hammock
#3 Green Ceramic sculpture in Strawberry Pot
#4 Judy's Gourd and thermometer
#5 Succulent in Pot on Patio Table
It's fun and good practice for drawing and painting quickly and seeing how much you can do in that space of time. Working fast is good in that it allows you to let go of left brain (am I doing this right?) self talk and allows right brain behavior to take place (just let it happen) and it does. If you are interested in seeing the art of others and/or joining the group yourself you can find the link on my side bar for Twenty Minute challenge. click on the icon and it takes you right there.


  1. They are all fab!! I think this time limit makes one paint more loosely and makes the result great!

    Have a nice weekend♥

  2. Your challenges are great Lynn. I should do this too. I will set an alarm this time. Have a great weekend.

  3. These are all great. I love the little doll best. I should try this but I wont commit to it as its to stressful for me. keep up the good work.

  4. wonderful, fabulous, and I remember you saying you couldn't draw- mind you that was a few years ago. You ceryainly prove here that you can!

  5. Thanks Everyone. Souly, thanks for remembering...;-)


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