Wednesday, August 24, 2011

They Are Green, Yellow and Red; And They Talk!

This is not the first time this fellow has brought his birds to this particular Starbucks. These two seemed healthier or fuller than that last two he had...
They were so pretty I just could not stop
taking photos of them...
And I was so pleased with the details my camera captured of those feathers...
See what I mean?
Colorful and Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Oh my goodness!! I think that Lenny the turtle would enjoy a friend like this in the artroom...

  2. oh they are beautiful! what lovely colors and they do look healthy and happy

  3. I am amazed that they are allowed in a restaurant. You caught their color and textures beautifully. HAW.

  4. yes, i am not sure i'd want a bird in a restaurant myself. however, they are very pretty. i have a hard time justifying or accepting that people use birds for pets. birds should be out flying in the sky, not encased in people's homes or used for amusement. that's my view.

  5. How beautiful these birds are. My first pet as a child was a small parrot and I loved that bird. Coco hung out on me all day and talked up a blue streak. I guess thats why I love feeding birds today. He had a good life inside safe from predators loved by the family.

  6. Oh, I love the birds! Wonderful, but where is my darling Henry :-).

  7. These birds were NOT inside the Starbucks Cafe they were outside on the edge of a chair. You can see the license plate of a car behind one of them. Sorry if I led you to think otherwise.

  8. Those birds are beautiful and your camera is awesome. I must have missed the post where you said the type but what kind of camera is it?
    ps, blogger ate my previous comment.


  9. Terri I knew you'd love the parrots. The camera is a Panasonic Lumix FZ100 (be sure you look for that model #, there is another close in # but not as good)...
    Has a awesome lens, great close ups as you can see and a 24X zoom!!! Amazing. I love it. Has a view finder as well as a large pull open screen; does videos; reasonably priced (got it on Amazon)comfortable to hold and light weight too.

  10. They ARE pretty!! Those colors are amazing! Isn't nature the best painter ever??

  11. Wow, fantastic shots! I love what your camera does. The photographer did an excellent job too! Those feathers are beautiful!

  12. What an amazing camera! It really did do a fantastic job!!!!!


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