Friday, September 16, 2011

Plein Air Painting With New Painting Buddy

This morning I met Karen, my new plein air painting buddy, at Pena Adobe Reginal park. We drove next door to Lagoon Valley and set up our painting equipment.
The morning was perfect...we could sit or stand in shade, with the sun on our backs, facing the lagoon, mountains and trees.
Karen was painting with thick acrylics. She turned out to be a lot of fun, and is even considering
going to Calistoga with me to the Paint Out in October (for at least part of the weekend).

 I did a drawing in ink that took the first 20 minutes...
 Then I painted it with my watercolors...
 and finally I added my brown medium line artist pen to outline the trees and addes a bit more paint here and there. We were there two hours total.
When we were packing up to go I had to put my camera down I'd been using to capture all of this. I set it in the grass so I could fold up my chair. WhenI picked up my chair to take it to the car I also had my paints in my back pack and a water bottle in my hands...but it wasn't until I was home that I realized I did not have my camera!!!!!! OHHHHHHHHH  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Another friend, Kathy was coming over so we could go out to lunch together, and I had to ask Kathy to drive me back to Lagoon Valley to look for my camera.

This is a heavily trafficed park and was full of walkers and joggers, dog walkers, etc. and I feared my chances of finding my camera were slim.

HOWEVER, the goddess of artists were watching over it and it was right in the exact place I had left it. Thank goodness I found it easily. Hopefully I will never ever make that mistake again!


  1. i am so glad the goddess of artists was there watching over but of course, she knew you had your photos of this session contained within....i love to watch the progress you are making, it's quite extraordinary and you did a lovely job! the terrain looks so familiar too! ~:)

  2. I'm so glad you got your camera back! I would be devastated if I lost or forgot my camera somewhere. Your watercolor is beautiful.

  3. What a fun morning. So glad you found that camera. How fun to see what Karen was painting and to see your new painting budddy too. See what taking a chance going to paint in public can bring? Love the painting. You did a great 20 minute drawing too.

  4. I can see you had a brilliant day painting and very successful as your painting is great. So glad your camera waited for you!

  5. Love your painting Lynn, how cool to have a painting buddie!

  6. I bet it will be a long while before you forget your camera again. What fun to have a painting partner. You will probably get out and paint more often that way. I love your sketch. You had great inspiration with this beautiful scene.

  7. what a delight sharing this with a friend, and thank goodness the camera was still there. whew. hows our new baby doing? more photos please.

  8. Oh my goodness, are you sure you weren't on the west coast?! - we used to live on 13 acres in the Santa Cruise Mountains in California and this was the view from our kitchen! I promise you! .. Its lovely!

  9. Linda, thanks so...I appreciate your feedback.

    Carola, I know we think similarly about our cameras. I literally picked mine up from the ground and kissed it multiple times. Glad you like the watercolor too.

    Cris, yes, I am so happy I am braving the public painting now.

    Ann, thanks so much.

    Patti, thanks and yes, it is fun.

    Lisa, when I went out to day you can bet I checked on my camera six time before I left the site.

    Soul, I will post more of Allie Bel soon I promise.

    Lenora, yes, I am on the west coast, but not Santa Cruz...further east on 80 between Berkeley and Sacramento. Thanks for coming to my blog. Do come again.

  10. whew. so glad mr camera was waiting for you. You only got it a short while ago. this looks like such fun, painting with a friend.

  11. Oh Noooo! I'm so glad you found the camera! I thought I'd left mine in a restaurant last Thursday but then I found it in the deep dark recesses of my purse. It's a scare, isn't it?
    I love your painting. How fun to have an artist partner. I'll look forward to seeing more.

  12. OMG, someone was definitely watching over you! Wow, how lucky.
    I think you need to reduce the load you are carrying or it will get very heavy.

    Fun experience with your new friend.


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