Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You Are Going To See A Lot of Baby for A Few Days!

I am home but I am definitely going through
baby with drawls. I sketched Allie while there and shot hundreds of photos of her too.
Each morning either my son or DIL would bring her into my bedroom and leave her with me. I could feed her, rock her, talk to her, sing to her, dance with her...and I did all that and more.
It was such a delight, a warm peaceful bonding for four days!!!
I am making reservations NOW to return in December!

 Jackie loved the diaper bag I knit for her. She used it right away...
 and it held a lot! Here it is hanging from the back of the stroller. I hope the handles hold up!
More about this trip I guess I'll go pet my cat, Henry. I think he missed me.


  1. Cute everything here.. drawing, Baby and DIL with the new diaper bag. She has a one of a kind so of course she loves it...Looking forward to more.

  2. what a precious face she has. and a warm and loving grandma. lucky little one. and her mom is looking pretty good too!

  3. Such a lovely keepsake! Your drawing is lovely, Lynn. And I'm sure that new diaper bag will get good use!!! Can't blame you for checking into reservations for a prompt return!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. She is adorable, and what a sweetheart of a grandma you are. Love the diaper bag, I can see she loves it.
    you can share as much baby as you want. I love seeing them all.
    Big Hugs, Mary

  5. love that diaper bag, it's felted right?

    delicious baby, warm, snuggly, wonderful

  6. Yes, Mim, the bag IS felted. Came out so well too. But the pull on the straps worry me. Seems okay so far, but wonder how much they will stretch out. I told her she could replace them with leather if she wanted to. But maybe anything will stretch used as it is filled with heavy things.

    Thanks Cris, Suki, Terri K., Mary!

  7. Of course Henry missed you. It is wonderful that you had time to bond with the baby. Mom looks great too. All must be adjusting well to the new family member.

  8. Such a beautiful baby! Congratulations!


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