Monday, November 14, 2011

Pence Gallery Holiday Gift Faire: Let me know if you see anything you want! CAT is NOT for Sale!

Hey, Henry snuck into this post to wish you all very Happy Animal Wednesday even if he can't stay awake for it!!!


(cat is NOT for sale!)

This Saturday I'll be taking these hand made 70" scarves made from re purposed T-Shirts to the Pence Gallery in Davis for the holiday market faire. I have eight scarves in various color mixes: black, red & gray; black yellow and red; black red and gray; black, gray and lime; black gray and turquoise; and two in black and gray.

 These are priced at $25 each.
 I also have four fabric "holders" which can hold paint brushes, pencils, knitting needles, crochet hooks, or whatever else you can fit into those many spaces you can see on the unrolled holder. These are also priced at $25 each.
 And then there are the hand made quilted "Pockets". One "Four Pocket" on top for $40. And three "One Pocket"s for $20 each.

 I sold many of these pockets last year at the same faire. My daughter likes hers for holding jewelry when she travels. You have four pockets to put whatever you like as a wallet or holder of affirmations and dreams.
 I use a pocket like this one for all my credit card, library card, health card, auto service card, and cash.
If you see something you'd like let me know quickly and I will take it out of the mix for Saturday! Email me or leave a comment on this blog post and we can discuss shipment. In fact, just because I am getting into the holiday spirit I will send them to you with no charge for shipping!

I also plan to take many of my photo cards (owls, flowers, etc); and many of my new water color paintings on blank card stock with envelopes, and on postcards as well.


  1. Wow..look at all the goodies. You have been busy. I hope you sell everything you put in. Looks very professional.

  2. Hope the faire sales are good and you sell lots of products. Looks like you have built up a nice supply. I really like the tags you have on your pieces. Very nice.

  3. Those scarves look so cheerful. I hope all sells.

  4. you are a genius. all these items are gorgeous and original. good luck at the fair.

  5. I know you'll sell everything!!`

  6. Awesome stuff ! Wishing your many sales !

  7. Wonderful! Happy selling! xoxo

  8. Wishing you the very Best! All your items are lovely:)

  9. Thanks Cris, last year I did sell all that I took to the Pence Gallery!

    Elizabeth, glad you like the tags. I had fun making them too!

    Lisa, I am betting they will!!! They are warm and look so stylish wrapped around my neck!

    Suki, not sure about the "genius" part but thanks ;-))!!!

    Mim, thanks for your confidence!

    Kim, I appreciate your good wishes too.

    Annie, and yours as well. I love the new bowls you just made.

    Deepa, thanks so much.

  10. I missed seeing Henry.. well the deal is off if he isnt for sale.. Hee hee.

  11. you are a whiz. i hope (know) you will hear oooh's and aaah's. p.s. i just saw your comment and suki's blog and i hearby proclaim you will live forever.... !


  12. I didn't want to stop by without telling you. I love all the things that you are making. I especially enjoyed reading about your painting class. Looks like fun and you are learning so much. Thanks for sharing these things with us. Just the little crumbs along the way.

  13. These are all very pretty, Lynn. I hope you do well at the gift faire. Everything is so colorful that I'm sure you will catch the eye of many.


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