Monday, January 2, 2012

First Painting of The New Year

 I drew this from a photo I took last week in Mendocino and then painted it using luminescent paints. I love the glow they give almost capturing but not quite the shine of the sun on the water in the ocean as it did that day. And the texture they seem to add as well. Not sure the copied photo shows off the glow as it does in person. Watercolor and ink.
 I finished my last gift hat (I hope)...this one for my brother from wool fisherman's wool from the Slouchy Hat book.
 I hope he likes it.
And I have started on the 30 pieces needed for the Noro Scarf pattern I am working on now. Henry came in to give his two cents worth of critique.

I think it will make a lovely scarf.
The New Year has begun.
We are getting over colds we both got on vacation!
We have had two weeks of rest and relaxation and a total of nine days away in two locales
one with family and one alone.
I'd say it was a pretty perfect holiday time for us.
Lots of reading (three books for me; discovering John Hart as a new author of interest);
time to draw and paint and knit. And nothing much to worry about at all.
I hope your transition to the new year went as smoothly.
I revamped my blog look; added a slide show on the sidebar with many of
my drawings and paintings from 2011.
I look forward to more in 2012.
Also note my little survey on the side bar as well!

Now I am off to the office to get the ball rolling there.
Enjoy your day.


  1. Good look blog...well I noticed the different set up, which means I must be paying Oh, and I voted, although I wondered with the option to tick NEVER, if somebody doesn't visit or comment how would they know to vote Never anyway?...or is it me getting confused...LOL.

  2. Cowabunga.. I can hear the Beachboys singing..Every bodies going surfing.. Surfing USA. Your new header brings back my youth in So Cal..:)) Great shot. Another cool painting and hat and new scarf going. All good things to start off the new year. So glad you had a nice time off even if you did get a stinking cold. It just gave you an excuse to laze about knitting & recouping. :))

  3. That is a stunning painting, Lynn!!!

  4. You're off to a great start with creating art in 2012! I admire your ability to produce so much - you must never sleep! Happy New Year - I'm thankful you are my blogger friend!

  5. What a lovely way to start the year ... wishing you lots of knitting, painting, and happy times in 2012 :) Btw, my line drawings are inspired the 20 minute sketches you do ..its a brilliant idea to make simple sketches during the's so doable :)


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