Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Feet!

On Friday I went to Tina
to have a very very blissful experience.
A pedicure and manicure unlike any other.
First a foot soak in very hot water, and then for an hour and a half
while sitting in a chair that massaged my neck, shoulders, back, upper arms, bottom and later my calves; she worked magic with hot towels, hot stones, her fingers and hands 
 massaging my legs from knees to tips of my toes.
Salts and lotions, sprays and creams,
clipping cuticles, buffing and polishing.
And then all of the above again on my forearms and hands!!!
I could only float above the floor
while making my way out to the street.
Bless you Tina and Thank YOU!!!!

Here are a few drawings I did quickly while waiting my turn.
 I used my new drawing art journal Patty gave me for Chanukah with thin brown paper pages.
 Two hair dressers doing their magic on two women patrons. (I have mine done tomorrow!)
And the shoes of another woman waiting her turn with me.
 Afterwards I was famished so I stopped at the Pure Grain Bakery downtown and ate half a pastrami on rye sandwich while drawing this young man and his lunch.
Each drawing was done in five minutes or less.  I had places to go and people to see!


  1. I always feel like cleopatra when I get the mani pedi treatment - its awesome! Plus you got some drawing it as usual so it's quite the productive day.

  2. Looks and sounds like it was a awesome experience. I have never had that done before. How you could draw thru all that and so quickly and get so much detail in amazes me.

  3. you lucky duck, lynn! i am chuckling that you took a photo while lying on the table. hahaha. these sketches are terrific.


  4. Sounds like a wonderful day! Great sketches.

  5. Hi Lynn, I've been away for a while ( had a bad cold, and loads of work!), so missed out on your lovely 20 mins. I have always wanted to sketch in m beauty salon, and felt too conscious about it. Kudos for doing such lovely sketch :D


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