Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Journal Page on Animal Wednesday

Last Sunday we had an exceptionally Sunny Day!
You can see and read all about it on this my journal page from then.

Note: the animal story and Henry down low middle of pic. Henry is antaginizing the dog next door with a little hissing and the dog is going crazy barking and barking his head off, thus meeting Animal Wednesday* requirements.

I drew DH in pen and painted with watercolor; also used colored pens and Tom Bows on other parts.

I do love my hammock and was so happy to bring it out for the season! (spring/summer). We might still get some rain I suppose, but it can always use a bath. It's holding up well over the years since I got it from the  Eddie Bauers catalogue quite some time ago.



  1. Love your sketch. It encompasses your busy day. HAW.

  2. Great journal page. Love how you incorperated all the day in here. Even getting Henrys antics in..:)

  3. Lovely journalpage! You are very talented, and so many blogs you are running!

  4. your drawings are so lively and fun. You are the best dear Lynn.


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