Monday, April 2, 2012

Anniversary Brunch on Sunday

On Sunday we went out for brunch at the Cast Iron Grill in Suisun, City.
Just the two of us,
but across the room was this table of eleven
so I drew them.

What do you think of them in living color?
Did this after we got home.

Service and food were great, and then when it came time to pay the computer went down so we waited.

 Husband rested. I whipped out my pen and art journal...

and again painted after I got home. A lovely sunny day...eating and walking near the water...a stop in at the local art gallery there...and then  home again. Nice day, special day. Grateful for these 27 + 7 years with this guy! He's pretty special too.


  1. I say this everytime I know but,, man, oh man you are good at this!!

  2. Its interesting how different a drawing can be in color.. Seems like two different Art pieces. Love them both. You did a great job on Your Hubbys portrait.. caught his personality perfectly.

  3. Lynn, your sketches are terrific! i especially love the one of your husband.

    and thanks for visiting my blog! :D

  4. Happy Anniversary! Love the sketches. Yes, I do believe I like the ones in color better. I can just see your husband in that sketch.

  5. Lynn, these are amazing--YOU are amazing! I can't believe what a difference the color makes, especially on the first drawing. Love that title, by the way! And happy anniversary to you and your husband!

    Richard and I celebrated twenty-five years at Christmas--

  6. Congratulations to you both lovely.....and I love your painted observations ..xx

  7. i love DH is black and white and then in color - both are great.

    Happy Anniversary - 27+7 = a long time!

  8. Happy Anniversary! I love that waiting become an opportunity for creativity, instead of a frustration.

  9. Beautiful sketches the table of 11. Nice sketch of your DH too, Lynn!!! Glad you had a wonderful anniversary day together!!!

  10. That is just an excellent sketch of DH! The colors really makes him POP. I try my best to copy you... but so far no good:-) I'll just have to keep coming and looooking and drinking your colors in:-)

    1. MX you flatter me! So thank you. But I encourage you to find your own style. It's there! Someone told me that and it helped me be okay with me drawing/painting as I did/do. Again, thanks!!! You made my day!

    2. Thank you all for your good wishes for our anniversary.
      And thank you for your support and praise for my drawings. It really keeps me going doing this. I appreciate every word. Thanks again!


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