Sunday, April 29, 2012

Henry's Newest Game

Okay, Picture This:

Henry is slowly, ever so slowly hunkered down low to the ground, slowly one paw in front of the other moving across the great expanse of lawn going towards the far back fence. He slowly crosses the lawn, then the new grown ground cover stealthily stepping around the few Mexican Primroses blooming there,
getting up as close to the fence as he can get, nose touching the fence, as he peeks through the
crack between the fence boards,
sees the dog next door and immediately bats a paw at the fence crack
and HISSES as loud as he can HISSES and HISSES and HISSES
Totally aggravating the dog next door
who then barks and barks and barks
once more helpless to attack back this awful and annoying cat
who has got him AGAIN!

Bad, bad, bad Henry V!

I drew this in ink out the window watching him do his thing
and then sat outside in the sun
on the patio to
paint it with my watercolors.

I hope you are having an Enjoyable Weekend.


  1. Heehee ...too cute that Henry is!!! This illustrations is just awesome - my eyes want to trace each of the lines you've drawn and enjoy each of the nuances of shades of color you've put it!!!

  2. Love it!
    Such a tease, that Henry!
    Nice sketch you've done of it too.

  3. Always enjoy hearing and seeing about Henry's adventures.

  4. This is adorable. That Henry is a cat that lives on the edge isn't he? :)) I sure hope that fence is solid and/or Henry can climb trees..Fast!!. LOL

  5. I'm trying to think what Winston Churchill said, it was something like, 'I wouldn't have a dog - they treat us as superiors. I wouldn't have a cat - they treat us like inferiors ...' .... It's true isn't it? Cats (and granddaughters) rule the world!
    Love the cartoon - love the story!

    PS I'm smiling because it has stopped raining in Yorkshire (UK) for the first time in 14 days (glug, glug!)

  6. That naughty Henry. Too funny to see. I like your sketches of this too.

  7. Hi Lynn, I have been catching up with your work, and its even more fun :D ...

  8. Mon Dieu! But, it's perfectly *naturale* in the *King's Kingdom*! To Henry - it's HIS world and that *dastardly hound* is but a rascal and a Knave! His doggy presence is an unwelcome distractio - so......Henry is explaining the *rules* to him!

    Your drawing is adorable - and the text is too funny! A wonderful example of the "The *TAILS* of the King"!!!

    Hugs - and of course, KIss the King!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. Oh you must have had so much fun watching this scene and what a great idea to immortalize it , wonderful sketches !

  10. henry is one rough tough cream puff - rocking the barrio - hee hee

  11. Henry is so cute and you did a great job of portraying him.


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