Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Henry's Popularity Grows, and Meet Pink Rooster, New Family Member

 Henry's fan's continue to show homage to him by sending art they make in his likeness. Last Wednesday it was a painting by Ann Hyde. This week we thank Lolo of Studio Lolo for this wonderful drawing that came in the snail mail. Henry is beside himself with joy at being so admired! And I am tickled pink with all the attention he is getting. Thank you dear friends!

Speaking of pink, a new animal friend has joined our family recently in the form of a striped pair of socks with toes I turned into a small rooster, aptly named Baby Rooster!

 She enjoys pecking for worms in our back lawn... (do roosters eat worms?)...

...and it became quickly obvious that she is smitten by the arts, as she hopped up on my patio table where I often sit to draw and paint on a sunny day...
 She encouraged me to get out my paints and chose this planter as subject for a drawing/painting which I quickly did...

and for those who have inquired she is pointing out the paint set which I use to do my paintings.  Pink Baby Rooster has become a loving member of our sock family; which filled a spot when Zeb went off to Oregon to become Allie's ally.

Happy Animal Wednesday


  1. That is a gorgeous picture of Henry - just beautiful.

    And the rooster is so cute! I don't think there are really girl roosters but that the beauty of imagination - you can do whatever you want. I thought all the stuffed animals are for Ally but if I were you I'd keep them for myself!

  2. Henry is handsome when rendered in any medium. Your little rooster is a cutie. HAW.

  3. beautiful painting and beautiful sock rooster and yes they do eat worms!!!!

  4. I LOVE pink rooster although I think he would be quite happy as a pink cockatoo also. And the drawing of Henry is very nice - his is worthy of all this admiration, he is a King after all!

  5. Sock *Rooster-ette* is very cute! Oh....Lo's painting of Henry..... it really is stunning! She has captured the myriad of emotions that flicker across his furry face! Any ONE of us would know this is Henry! It is wonderful to see Lo releasing her talent again.......


    Hugs - and *Kiss the King*!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. OMGosh.. Lolo did a wonderful job on Henry. Animals immortilized by Lolo is a wonderful thing. :)) Love Mr Rooster and your painting too. What kind of paints are those? I never saw a box like that. Do show them better. HAW

  7. Oh that Lolo is such a wonderful artist!!? Amazing likeness!


  8. Well Henry is a dashingly handsome cat ......and rooster is fun too.....x

  9. What a great drawing from Studio Lolo. I'm loving your sock family, you need to do a book about these Lynn and add your drawings to it.

  10. I love Lo's Henry and I love that Henry, please give him kisses.
    Wonderful sock family! xoxo

  11. Who else could paint eyes like that!!!! Only our Lo! What a precious gift! And she did this while she has such a busy schedule! Isn't she the sweetest?!
    And your watercolor looks great too, the sock is funny :)

  12. I love the sock animals (you're so inventive) and the fact that Henry is famous! I still think you should do a book of Henry cartoons, especially now that you do pen and ink paintings. I'm serious. It would be a best seller.

  13. This rooster is a hoot! Where do you come up with these ideas? You could start a farm.

  14. trying to cath up here! So glad you like the ATC of his royal highness :)

    Your sock animals are so imaginative and fun! And it's always nice seeing what you're doing in your journals. Nice Lynn!


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