Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's Really Special When

someone, in this case Joss of Soulbrush,
asks to purchase some art piece you have made.
It was incredibly special when Seth Apter sent out a call for artists to contribute to his book The Pulse of Mixed Media, and chose this piece to be published in his book.

But then for Joss to see it there and  ask if it was for sale!
Now that was an extra huge dollop of icing on the cake!

Joss has lovingly taken "Bag Lady" into her home;
given her a name,
a spot on her wall,
love that only she
can give

I am ever grateful and honored
that she is sold and safe and
in loving hands.

Thank you Joss!!!!

PS:It is the second piece of art that Joss has asked me for. She was my very first commission for
an art quilt
about four years ago. 
And I am the proud owner of two of her recent paintings.
Does this qualify us as Patrons of Arts with pieces of each others now hanging in our personal collections?


  1. Not surprised that somebody scooped this up. It is a stunner of a piece and I am so honored to have it on the pages of my book.

  2. wow, thats amazing,

  3. I loved this piece the minute I first saw it.
    I'm very happy for you that it got into the book.
    It deserved to!

  4. Oh, i love this piece. I'm not surprised it sold. Fantastic!! xoxo

  5. A fantastic piece - and a great story of two friends (who both happen to be talented artists)....and that special bond that shared art creates!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. Yes, I do believe this does qualify us.LOL. Everyone who visits admires your quilt you made for my 60th birthday, and I am sure this one will be equally admired too. I can't wait for my DIL to see it tomorrow as she is now quilting too.Thanks a bunch, Beryl is very settled here- cosy and warm. She and Snuffles (my dog) are slowly making friends. LOL

  7. This piece went to a good home. I have always thought if some one loves a piece of Art of yours then you are simpatico to each other.. thus if she loves your work, then of course you would love her work... so yes this is a mutual bonding for sure. I love how she named her Beryl. I think it fits perfectly. Congrats Lynn on the book its in and the sale. What's fun is that we all go back to the beginnings of when we started blogging. :)

  8. Yeah, I love this beautiful and delicious composition. Greetings.

  9. I love this piece .... And, I only recently learned of Paul Gauguin's chief patron being Edgar Degas. I thought that was pretty cool.

  10. What a great art piece! Love the colors, texture and image. You are so talented and so is Joss. How lucky for you both to enjoy each other's art work.

  11. excellent - both of you. and I have a lynn original as well as some Souly orginals, so am doubly blessed

  12. Fabulous work! I love it... thanks for shaing!
    Thanks also for visiting my blog and leaving a comment... it means a lot!!!
    Happy creating...

  13. She's wonderful. You are very imaginative and creative. You have a very pioneering style!!

  14. Congratulations on the sale , it is truly a great piece!

  15. I was just at Joss' site and saw she had purchased your bag lady. She had some really thoughtful things to say. I am so impressed with your various artsy interests - from sketching, painting to sock animals and art quilts. You are one talented lady!

  16. Beautiful! Lovely blog! I have just discovered you, and I'm a new follower!
    Anne ♥

  17. Isn't this great!!!!
    And yes what better home can she get! Finally loved and appreciated.
    And yes the lady would be a good reminder for all of us.

    Have a nice day♥

  18. Hi Lynn, baglady is wonderful! Such expression in this piece! Love your sketches too! Hugs from cold Paris, :) Andrea


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