Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Crowded and Colorful Jalisco's on Tuesday and Henry's Greeting on Animal Wednesday

 It's a colorful place at Jalisco's.  The tables fill up quickly at lunch time. I feel a tad guilty choosing a table for four in the middle of the room, but I like my view of people sitting by the windows.

I draw first, then my food comes and I eat left handed while drawing right handed. It's good that I can multi task this way. I got two drawings in this Tuesday using this thicker than usual pen right after the other, right between the half order of guacamole and my one fish taco.

 This guy came alone, perused the menu and then got right to work on his computer. I wasn't the only one multi tasking.

So many regulars today. The couple I call "The Couple" were in the back on the right as I came in. Later "The Family" of a young couple, their baby in a carrier, their little boy maybe 5 or 6 yrs old and the grandma sat across from me on my left. I swear the young mom smiled a smile of recognition at me. I think woman of "The Couple" did too. We are becoming 'smiling acquaintances' who have Mexican Food, Jalisco's and lunch times in common.

It's a colorful place.

Henry is here wishing you a Happy Animal Wednesday!

Henry V Speaks!

The weather is turning warmer here so Henry has decided to start staying out all night
again. We thought as he is getting older that he'd be settling down some,
but seems not to be the case.
He is out catting around at night and coming home with some signs of battle on his ears!


  1. Haha.. Henry looks like he is saying in a Bella Gosie voice...I want to drink your blood....hahaha Cute pix. also more fun drawings. I am amazed at all the details you do get into your drawings. How do you remember the colors? or do you? Its also fun getting to know by sight the regulars. I wonder if they are wondering what you are always drawing while in there?

    1. Cris sometimes I remember the colors and sometimes I have to adlib. I'm not even sure they realize I am drawing. I am so in the zone. Glad you like them.

  2. I am sure that many of the Jalisco Lunch *Club* recognise you!

    Oh that Henry..... what a face! What a voice (I can almost hear it!) What sharp little white teethies!!! He KNOWS he is the KING...and a Blogland STAR!


    Kiss the King!


    ♥ Robin ♥

    1. will be fun to see over time how recognition plays a part in my Jalisco lunch times. I hope by the time I am ready to put these in book form there will be enough of them who at least will want to see them.

      Henry always loves your kisses!

  3. My niece, Viv - more of a daughter really - lived in Dubai for a few years. She was a cat lover without a cat.

    There a many feral cats wandering around out there, they grow no fur as it's so hot - they hunt to live, taking birds or mice.

    Viv decided to try to adopt one - dangerous to say the least - finally she got one of the younger ones to lap at milk and eat tit-bits.

    Finally she brought it, Peggy, back to England, where it immediately grew ginger fur. Peggy is now 17 ... but when she walks outside, all the dogs in the neighbourhood ...hide!

    I'm sure she would flirt with Henry, the handsome cool cat!

    1. John, and I have no doubt that Henry V would love to meet up with Peggy!

      Love your story!

  4. You tell Henry I said that is one FIERCE face! I'm surprised anyone wants to tangle with him!

    I love the drawings, as usual! How long does it take you to complete one sketch, approximately! Do you have to work really quickly, or can you take your time?

    I just finally went down to town the other day to have lunch with a friend for the first time since October, and the waitress remembered that I drink regular Pepsi and that I always order vegetarian Pad Thai! It's nice to be remembered... I'll bet all the regulars would LOVE to get a peek in your sketch book!

    1. Karen, I spend approximately twenty minutes drawing one scene. I then spend another 10 minutes or so painting them when I get home. I used to feel as though I had to speed along; but by now I am more relaxed. I just start to draw and continue at a comfortable pace until done. If I have an hour for lunch I can usually complete two.

      It is nice to be remembered. And the patrons will get a chance to see my drawings after I publish in book form later this year sometime.

  5. It looks like Henry wants to eat us! Grrrr....

    You really need Jaliscos to have a show of your artwork, that would be so great

    1. Nice thought Mim. Not much light or wall space there (big maps of Mexico and a lot of Carlo's art already on the walls. Big paintings. My stuff is all done in a 7" X 10" drawing book. Small stuff. But I do plan to put it into a sell-able book eventually.

  6. Wonderful drawings Lynn. They are much happier than the one at the eye doctors--go to Jalisco's more often; stay away from eye doctors! --Henry does look like he can take care of himself. I do bet the dogs in the neighborhood have kittens when Henry passes by.

    1. L.W. I do my best to get to Jalico's twice a week at lunch time.
      Funny, last year I decided to stop going out to lunch to save money. I did too. This year I am spending it eating out three days a week so I can draw! But it's worth it to me. Glad you are enjoying these drawings.

  7. Great sketches Lynn, love how they tell a story !

  8. That Henry is a heart stealer. HAW to you.


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