Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Flew To Portland, OR for the Weekend! I'm back home again!

On Friday last I flew out of Sacramento airport for a hour and a half flight to Portland, Oregon!
I drew these folks who were all waiting with me!

 My main reason for going was to see my grand baby Allie 9 months old. Her parents were also moving this weekend from one house to another...thus the U-Haul truck! I got to help unpack boxes in the new house; to organize the back pantry/washer/dryer room; bathroom; kitchen...
 and I got lots and lots of special hands on time with this little munchkin!

I also enjoyed spending time with my son...

 My grand daughter, Kaeli Rose, and her boyfriend Michael...

My lovely daughter in law, Jackie... (and my son again)...
 And my first born grand son, Mikiah, just turned 22 years old, and back from his travels to India, Ethiopia, Egypt and Israel!                and yes, that's me!

 We had lots of laughs...

 and on the fourth day my son drove me to the airport...

I thought I got there in plenty of time, but apparently I missed the call for boarding! I sat calming drawing this fellow, the plane out the window without a clue that everyone going to Sacramento was already aboard...finally I heard my name called and went to see why? Only to learn it was a "final boarding call" and they were waiting for me to take off! Nice to be waited for! and called! I marched to my seat and then they closed the doors and off we flew! Sometimes an artist just has to do what an artist has to do!

I must tell you that I got a very very warm MEOW of a welcome when I got home from Henry V!
He was ever so happy to see me. He jumped on my leg to my desk in front of the computer monitor where I was downloading photos to get right in my face and say HI PLEASE SCRATCH MY EARS!!

So I did!

Oh, and my DH was happy to see me too.
Did I scratch his ears too?
I can't remember!


  1. That's funny Lynn! I'm Glad they waited for your, though I'm sure you would have been happy to continue drawing! Your family looks wonderful!

  2. Allie is such a cutie. It looks like you had a fun action packed weekend.

  3. Nothing beats spending time with the family. What a fun weekend you had and it's funny how the airline wasn't going to let you miss your flight home.

  4. sounds like a super weekend. love the striped outfit! and your sketches of the folks at the airport are super.

  5. I do admire your decisive line drawings, a very special talent. And your beautiful family. Was there any chance that you wouldn't have a fantastic time with love ones?

  6. What a lovely show of photos here, and I really enjoyed seeing your sketches, traveling gives a lot of opportunity to do just that when waiting around. I know because I just got back from London ...with a lot of sketches :-))

  7. Lots going on here.. Lovely art.. which keeps getting better. Lovely family photos too. So glad you made it home. At least you got some drawings done in the lounge before boarding. :))Sounds like the males in your life were happy you got home...:))

  8. Your drawings and photos are so fun. I smile about your "last call" story. Reminds me of the time my dad got on the wrong airplane and ended up in the wrong airport an hour away. That was way before 911 and cell phones. Fun times :)

  9. i thought to myself: OMG! lynn's sketched all of portland! hee hee, you would if you could, i know you would!

    great to see your family. how very sweet


  10. Such a wonderful family!! My daughter is 'Alice' and her nickname is Allie, Love the drawings!! Glad they (and you:) made it home:)

  11. I love how you tell a story...this is a really sweet post, and the baby is beautiful. You see things I would never see...I am glad you are home safe. I just know you are going to share another adventure soon...keep drawing sweet girl, they are so special. Hugs, mary


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