Monday, May 28, 2012

Thank You Jenny Wentworth for Your Thank You!

Sometimes you do something nice for someone else and they turn around
and do something nice for you.
I met Jenny Wentworth at ART AND SOUL in Portland, Oregon two years ago.
We were both taking Judy Wise's class in encaustics.
What a fun time we had.
I was enamoured with Jenny's beautiful women she painted and put
into the wax process. Her pieces were so polished and beautiful.
My signature "art by lynn" is on all my photos, not to confuse the fact that the art shown here today is all Jenny's

 Recently Jenny put out a request for help to realize a dream she has of taking a class from a teacher in

She knew it was going to be pricey and when it looked like it was totally out of her range
she reached out to her friends...
I agreed to help, as I thought if we each put in a small amount we could afford it would add up for
and help her get herself to Italy next year~
Jenny was very very appreciative and sent me a post card and a print of her beautiful works of art to show me her thanks.

If you would like to help a fellow blogger artist make a dream come true check out Jenny's blog on her side bar...and if you just want to see more of her awesome art go there to see for yourself.

Thanks again Jenny, I love all that you sent me, so lovely in every way!
And I am visualizing you flying off to Italy
to enjoy that class!
(the artbylynn on her pieces here are not to miss lead you, they are my signature for my photographs of JENNY'S ART.)


  1. Inspiring. So lovely you are helping Jennie fulfill her dream. These faces are strong and her style sure.

  2. Wow how wonderful for Jenny! She is very talented! What a great dream for her, so glad it will come true!

  3. Lucky to have met you Lynn, I'm thankful for your friendship♥ I'm at 20% of my goal right now! I'm so happy you like your prints! Sending you big hugs!

    Your friend,


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