Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Won Another Giveaway from Kim Mailhot of Queen of Arts Studio

Kim Mailhot
Queen of Arts Studio
Does amazing art like this cat below
the "art by lynn" is my signature that shows on all my photos, not to be confused that Kim is the artist of the works shown here today
 And she rocks your world with rocks with a message of which I was lucky enough to get a bag full!

 I had fun putting them together and making my own messages:

 I think through blogging and being inspired by my blogger artist friends I have learned to do both of these, trust myself and do what I love!!! As I draw every day now...and am loving it more and more.
 Kim is also a friend of Henry V and a follower of his on Animal Wednesdays... So I wasn't at all surprised to find a message to him included in the bag of goodies she sent me.
 You can have rocks like these too...I do believe she sells them from her blog...check it out.
Kim thank you so much. I am honored to have some of your art and I love playing with the rocks.

When I can imagine parting with some of them I may leave them places I draw for others to find...Maybe. I may have to keep them for a long while before I am ready to be that generous however. ;-))) To see more of Kim's Art go to her blog here!


  1. oh you are so lucky to have won!!!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. You lucky lady, what beautiful artwork

  3. Oh Lucky Girl!
    This, and the awesome book in the previous post.
    You'd better hurry on out and buy some lottery tickets!
    The rocks are such a cool idea,,,,I'm going to check out the link right now.

  4. How fun to win again. What a cool ideas.. Rocks with messages. I LOVE that saying too. Its going to be my new mantra. :))

  5. What a fun way to have reminders and messages! I'll check out Kim's art from your link:)

  6. So glad you like the gifties, Lynn ! I too am very grateful for all of the wonderful connections that come from this Blogland world.
    Rock on, Talented One !

  7. great idea! I love the thought of leaving a little something for those you have sketched or who have shown an interest. I once left a zentangle on a napkin for a waitress who had been very kind (plus a tip!).

  8. I love these rocks and the way you put them together. They remind me somewhat of the little pocket book you made for me with affirmations in it.


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