Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gift From Ann...Huge Thank You!

A major perk of blogging are the friends you make from all over the world, and when the friend is an artist and the artist friend has a give away on her blog and you are lucky enough to win that giveaway
you wind up with a precious piece of artwork!
Ann Hyde who I met on the Twenty Minute Challenge blog
has a blog of her own called Studio Hyde where you can go to see her
wonderful paintings.

Ann gifted me with this precious altered book of paintings, that is 3.5" X 3.5" small, but large in beauty~

Dunkery Beacon Exmody is the scene painted below:

Croyde Bay is what Ann beautifully painted here:

Doftmoor River below...pretty, isn't it!

and finally Blue Bell Wood...
Don't you just wish you could visit all these beautiful places for real? Ann hails from North Devon!

Thank you again, Ann. I love this little book of paintings and I will treasure it forever and ever!


  1. What a wonderful little book! I love all the paintings and YES, they make me want to go there!

  2. A big huge THANK YOU to you too Lynn for the wonderful compliments you have given me. You are so right when you say that a perk of blogging is the meeting of new friends from around the world, it is quite amazing isn't it. I really am so pleased to follow your blog and see all your paintings, particularly your encounters at Jaliscos, the bakery and the people you draw. MANY Thanks, ann:)

  3. Lucky you! The paintings are really atmospheric

  4. Wow.. what a wonderful book of Art you won from Ann. I love that it is all English landscapes. ..Well she does live over there. :) Bravo for the lovely win.

  5. A lovely gift from Ann Lynn. Blogging artists are the best pen pals and inspirations.

  6. Super and incredible paintings in that lovely little AB. Seems you made a big impact on Ann. Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day, too.

  7. This is so beautiful. Like taking a little trip to Devon. I think that's Dartmoor River. I have an affection for that river and the moor. I had a book of poems all about the moor which I gave away (not my poems someone else's).


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