Thursday, May 24, 2012

From Jalisco's to The Town Square to the Bakery in Two Days Plus ONE!

Tuesday At Jalisco's:  I like it when the journal pages tell their own stories...but I have to add a few words here to let you know that after I ate I went up to THE COUPLE and told them I missed seeing them at the bakery the day before...and that the guy in the lower right corner had sat in front of me there! And today he had sat in front of me at Jalisco's. Small town. Fun encounters!

I met up with this fellow in our town square when I sat a bench away from him to draw him resting his bike and himself as you see him here. BTW I saw him there again on WEDNESDAY riding his bike through the square!
 Take a good look at THE COUPLE below as I draw them often and have done since the latter part of last year! They follow me around town eating at the same places I eat! Now we all realize it and think it's great fun.
 That was on Tuesday. On Wednesday I went to the bakery and met all new people...
I had forgotten to bring my artist journal if you can believe that so I grabbed some printer paper from my office and a clip board and that is what I used to draw these last few pictures:
 I don't think it would be a good idea to try and add paint to these pages. I think the water might dissolve the paper!
The man on the right is an Oakland A's baseball fan. My cousin is married to a former A's player and hall of famer! So I am a fan too!

The guy above on the right was sitting behind the man on the left, even though here it may look like they are sitting next to each other enjoying their quiet time together.

The shoe and the pants belong to the man above on the left reading a newspaper after he went outside with his food and I could draw him through the window to my left.
I just realized that this could look like this guy is going to kick himself in the butt! Thought I'd say it before John does! LOL  It wasn't my intent at the time, but I like it now! LOL

Happy Paint Party Friday!
On Thursday I had lunch once again at Jalisco's
and these seven women sat at the table in front of mine.

Later THE COUPLE came in and I stuck them in the right hand corners upper (Mrs.)
and lower (Mr.)
When I left Mrs said Bye Lynn!
Carlos was there too today and he drew me on the back of his order tablet.
He gave me a hug when we parted and said he'd come to the Art Gallery Reception
where my three art pieces will be shown next month!
Wishing you all a lovely long weekend!

Thanks in advance for all your wonderful comments!


  1. AS always, these are delightful. The bottom seated on the chair with the boot-about-to-boot-him might just be my favorite;-)

  2. Congratulations on showing your art work. What a neat life lived in a small town. I love how you are capturing it. Blessings, Janet PPF

  3. gosh lynn, you are making this a community affair. i wonder if your sketches and paintings mean even more to your 'models' than you may know.

    my fav is these seven women. except what is the problem with the chick on the right with long black hair. she should stop grumping :^)


    1. KJ she came late to the party and perhaps she is having difficulty getting salsa out of that container.

  4. All great drawings and watercolors. I love how you don't let forgetting to bring your drawing tablet stop you and substitute what ever is at hand. A true sketch artist. :))Great drawing of the seven women and THE COUPLE again. Each one of these is wonderful.

  5. I love your daily life paintings..looks as tho you do exciting things all the

  6. It's so fun to follow along as you visit places in your town. Wonderful drawings.

  7. What fun sketches. I really like the 7 Women! Happy PPF!

  8. Loving your daily life paintings, such a great community and am sure the people concerned are going to love seeing themselves in print. Happy PPF, Annette x

  9. Fun and delightful sketches, a truly wonderful visual diary! Great Work!

  10. I love these slice of life sketches you do. The black and white ones on printer paper are nice just as they are. Beautiful. Happy PPF

  11. you have a wonderful gift for capturing life
    i feel like i am seeing the scenes.

  12. I just love everything about this - it looks like you really LIVE in and love your town - and I can only imagine how much fun these encounters must be. Beautiful, wonderful sketches too - and I love all the color, xo

  13. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love your personal unique style. Very fresh and innovative. And I like the hot pink decor at the cafe!

  14. these are all just a perfect document of small town life and I laughed at the guy getting kicked in the butt, but the 7 ladies one really grabbed me... I enjoyed my stroll through your week and your town...xx

  15. You do this style so well ~ love them and colors are divine ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  16. I love seeing how you capture life about town-- and what a great cast of characters!

  17. You inspire me so much!! As for that leg dangling shoe, that's exactly what it looks like with lots of movement!! Good it!!

    Hugs Giggles

  18. These sketches are so fun and full of life! I really enjoyed the whole post. Kick himself in the butt, LOL!

  19. More great sketchbook paintings!
    I actually love your hand-written notations with your paintings!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  20. I'm really enjoying your sketches, keep them coming! :)) love the colors on the last one!

  21. That Jalisco place should pay you for all the art you make heheh I love it! Have you thought of offering or showing them your illustrations?

  22. They're are beautiful! It's amazing how often you see the same people at the same you live in a small town? HOw fun that would be. That sometimes happens to me when I go to yard sales. :) Love your work! Happy PPF!

  23. Colourful sketches! So many many characters!

  24. It's always so fun to come here. Your blog is so vibrant, colourful and full of Lynn energy! I especially love your sketches and the way you color them with watercolor. They are so whimsical and fun. Also it is neat to observe how much your skills have developed since you first started.

  25. These are awesome. I love all the fun.


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