Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where's Henry and Drawings from J's and Town Square on Tuesday

It's Animal Wednesday, so where the heck is Henry?
He's not on his quilt or his scratch box; he's not playing with his cat nip pouch...
              He's not on his "this box" where he lays sentry and looks outside at the front yard...

Oh.....Here he comes..."Hey, Henry What's up?"                           You want to go in the house?

No? Okay...are you going to your "nest" in the bushes to hang out?

 OH, You just want to spray it and mark your territory...I see..............Now where are you headed?

I'm going over to visit Donna and Dave next door...See you later...

They've got some really good grass over here I like to chew on...Now would you please leave me alone?

Okay, okay, if you see D and D tell 'em I said hi....        All right already, and you can tell YOUR friends I said Happy Animal can a guy have some peace and quiet?

So, leaving Henry to his P and Q I'll share some art I did today first at Jalico's.

The story is written on the journal page!

After I was done eating and paid for my food, I stopped by "The Couple's" Table to say hi, and to tell them that I missed seeing them at the bakery yesterday! Debbie laughed! Mike just looked as me as if to say who are you and what is this all about?

I told them that the guy sitting at the table behind me at J's today was at the bakery yesterday at the table in front of me!

 I left them to eat their tostadas in peace.


I walked downtown, stopping at the bead shop for something I needed there;

then the thrift store where I found a real pretty rayon camp shirt in reds, purples and orange in a print that looks like an ink drawing for $3.50!

From there I walked the next block to the Town Square and sat on a bench a stones throw from this guy and his bike.

 He had a lot of stuff piled up on the back of the bike...I wasn't sure if that was all his belongings or if he was just a guy out for a ride taking a rest.

I will have to wait another day to paint these as a TV show I like is coming on in a few minutes.
this being written on Tuesday night before American Idol started.

Enjoy! And thanks for stopping by!


  1. Loved seeing Henry's adventures. As for 'the couple' in J's...why is it men never cotton on but us ladies always do (I think their brains work differently)

  2. Don't bother the King.. he is busy. :))
    Love the drawings.. I bet I could pick out that couple from your drawings now. :))

  3. Yeah he knows what is is doing and where he is going leaving the others with question marks. HAHAHA Henry is just so cool!
    So many sketches! So nice! I dont have any time for art right now, but later this year I will :)

  4. gosh, your neighborhood is becoming as familiar to us all as Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.!!!

  5. Oh Henry! What a face! (What a cute, furry behind!) What a personality! And, your captions enhance the *King's Latest Adventure*!

    Great sketches....capturing slices of life!

    Kiss the King - when he returns!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. I LOVE you Henry! Wonderful drawings Lynn! xoxo

  7. The adventures of Henry -what fun. I'm sure he has his favorite dining spots, and favorite sleeping spots all around the house. He's such a king!

    love the drawings....


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