Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Sum of Their Parts!

Okay, I like this drawing in it's whole form...
 but I like some of it's parts as pictures in themselves like that elbow with my bagel and latte  and those toes below...
 Or just seeing their heads with out the rest of the story...

I do NOT like this picture as a whole at all...
It's way too busy...
Too yellow...

But I do like it's parts taken a few at a time...

Their conversation with his busy hand and shaking legs:

I really like this guys expression that might be lost while looking at the total picture!
And the letters that now look like graffiti.

I love this other guys legs and shorts and his bald head, who came in much later and sat at the table in front of mine... I just drew him in pieces anyway.

this guy is okay...sitting there with this really huge cake box waiting for another order...but you really can't see how big that box was, you just have to take my word for it. It was HUGE!

I like this gal by herself texting perhaps or looking at something on line? She is #12.

This was an interesting tidbit that happened while I was there...A guy came in with a picture; the framed photo lay on his table alone while he was at the counter...I looked at it and realized it was a scene I have drawn and painted. Now how cool is that?

But it may have gotten lost on that whole page of people!
And I wanted you to SEE that part of the story. 

So there are many ways to look at an artist's journal page
sometimes you can enjoy the whole page at once
and sometimes it's better, easier, more pleasant
to see it in bits and parts.

Just my opinion!


  1. I'm truly enjoying your series of sketches at the cafe. Fun, here, to see your musings about your compositions!

  2. I really like the small portions of your drawing, they are like seperate little cameos.

  3. You're right, the details ARE wonderful! They make lovely and interesting little pieces cropped down all on their own. (There's one of those cosmic messages there, about how sometimes even when we don't like the 'whole' of something, there are wonderful pieces if we just take the time to look--deep, for a Tuesday morning :)

  4. Fun drawings. Yes its always good to look deeper at these pages. So much happening you could miss it. It does look like those gals came from an Exercise class.. Hmm what were they eating? something to undo the exercise? LOL

  5. What a wonderful idea...I love seeing all the different ways each piece could become. I hope you are putting all of these wonderful drawings in a album or journal, each story you tell in these drawings is a treasure. Love, Mary

  6. I agree. I have even cut out the good parts and discarded the poor parts. There's no such thing as an all bad painting. All the these are your usual best.


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