Monday, May 21, 2012

Juried Art Show Votes Are In!

Why I spend a night and a day before the judging being miserable waiting for results is beyond me,
but that is my way. Today (Sunday) I learned that
my two watercolor/ink paintings did NOT make it into the juried art show, ...however,
one judge of the three liked  one of them and another judge like the other.
So it was nice to know they each got a vote!
Just not enough to get into the show.


 I was and am OVER THE MOON pleased to see that my Textile Art Quilts did much better!!!
This piece,
got three out of three votes from the judges and will be in the show.

As will a second small art quilt called "African Soul", which I can not seem to find a photo of, but am pretty sure I took her picture. You'll have to wait to see her when I go to the show myself next month. All three judges voted her in!

 And last but certainly not least, in the photography catagory my photograph on canvas
 of the
"Local Loving Couple"
also got three out of three judges votes and will also be in the show!!!

I have entered this juried art show every year 
since 2008.
I am proud to say I got something into each show I entered. Always more than one.
I always enter several pieces thinking the more I enter the better my chances; but I have witnessed
the judging and also know that many very good pieces of art are rejected each year too.
So I always hold my breath thinking this could be the year I don't make it.
I'm glad I got to be pleasantly surprised again this year
with three of my five pieces being accepted!

And now I will take a humble bow and say thank you judges all!


  1. Congratulations Lynn--this is awesome!!

  2. congratulations. so many winners. and i love the two houses also.

  3. good for you! Recognition for a job well done, showing the world your passion is always a good thing!

  4. Congrats! Hope you do well at the show!

  5. Lynn, I have not seen the local loving couple before and is it ever charming.

    Your houses should have made it! I mean it. Maybe it was because of space allotments or maybe three mediums for one artist is not favored?

    In any case, enjoy! What a fun honor


  6. Well you played it smart and had the show covered. I was surprised to see photographs were accepted. Interesting. I don't think I've every seen photography hung in the same show as paintings in my area, yet we all know photography is definitely an art. I love your owls. It's quite a unique photograph--as are your paintings. Congratulations on your quilts and the lovers. And remember success is a bunch of rejection slips.

  7. Congrats on getting three out of five in the show. The paintings are winners too. We give them TEN STARS. :))

  8. How wonderful to have had such successful entries! I like the Houses too....

    But...the Owls....OMG! I haven't seen that photo is WONDERFUL and I bet it is going to place high or win it all!



    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. Well done, Lynn. Congratulations

  10. So nice to know you got the judges votes, if not with all. Aye, so what, it all comes down to how these people feel at the time. The very best with the show, your pieces are lovely.

  11. Well, your houses really attracted my attention:-) But I agree that the quilts and photographs are very unique. I understand your nerves before the judging... I know it is a subjective process, but somehow *I* feel rejected when my art is rejected:-/ But you did really well and your quilts are superb!!


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