Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Last Week's Thursday at Jalisco's

 These are the folks who obscured my view.
 Business Meeting Over Lunch at J's

I'll eat there today for lunch again...and see who I can draw into my book.
Taco's and Gucamole anyone?


  1. love this, as always, you are so good at this, you should start charging!!!

    1. Laurie, great would at least pay for my lunches! LOL

  2. Nicely done Lynn. I really like them both but the color brings out the depth so well. Order me what you're getting will ya? I'll meet you there..Might be a little late so go ahead and get started on the drawing. :))

    1. I'll put in your order today Cris, leaving in a bit...see you there! ;-)
      I wish!

  3. That guy second from the right, bottom picture.
    (whisper) I saw him at your Aunt's and he was picking Iris's ... think he may be FBI (a Fellow Blogging Idiot) ... whatcha think? (end whisper)

    1. John you are a hoot! Absolutely FBI!!!! LOL LOL LOL

  4. Hi Lynn,
    You know when I see these I think of all the detail that you are "recording". I know that it is helping you improve your power of observation. But at the same time I think this is going to take to long. Did you feel the same way when you started out. Did you just think, I was to draw this and get it over with, before it gets to confusing. Also where do you start? The table? The girl? How do you decide?

    Love your art work. Keep it up.

    1. Dear Becky,

      I usually start at a head of one person and go down from there, then maybe the table they are leaning on, some things on the table, the the other person from the head down, at least that is what I did today. On that big group you see on my blog today I started with the heavy set woman in the purple shirt. I loved her messy hair. Then I went to the guy on her right, then the guy next to him...then the guy on her left then the guy across from them all.

      It doesn't matter when one starts I think, the trick is to simply start somewhere and draw what my eye sees. I enjoy the process.

      I do not feel rushed. I know I have thirty to 45 minutes in which to draw at lunch time. And know I can finish this much in that time. So I am relaxed and just go. If I ran out of time I'd stop and that would be my finished picture.

      Hope this is helpful to you.

      So glad you like what I am doing now.

      Hugs, Lynn


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