Saturday, May 5, 2012

Iris Farm Visit...Pure Heaven!

This post really does not need words, other than to tell you that yesterday my brother and  I drove about three miles outside of town to a locally owned iris farm. The family lives there and has an acre of 400 varities, and 60,000 flowers growing on their land.

 I  joined a throng of mostly women, a few men and kids walking between rows and rows of blooming beauty as you will see as you continue down this page.
 It was breath takingly beautiful. I took a bezillion photos (over 200 really)...
 and I hope you can enjoy them along with me. The smell was wonderful too. That you'll  have to rely on memory for yourselves.

 I wasn't sure what these little "hair nets" were for...I was too busy taking it all in to ask.

I might go back today and sketch and paint...
I hope you enjoyed your stroll
through the iris'.

PS: Today would have been my mother's 100th birthday had she lived this long. She would have loved the iris'.


  1. What a beautiful place!!! And such a gorgeous day!!

  2. Just beautiful! And your camera takes the best photos. Love this.

  3. Oh I can smell them as Fair had some of those and the fragrance was sweet and heavenly. I see one I think I painted as a card.. called Festive mood. What a fun place and so close to go .. did you have to pay or is it free? 100 years today.. Amazing it could be so long ago she was born. you are only 39 right? :))At least your energy is only 39..where you get it I don't know.:)

  4. thanks so much for taking us with you viaphotos, this is amazing, I love Iris, they are truly so regal,

  5. What a beautiful visit on your Moms 100th birthday :)
    Wow what gorgeous flowers!!!!!
    yes you have to go back!!!!!!

  6. I would have taken a BAZILLION photos too! Thank you! Such luciousness....such for the one with the *snood*.... would love to see it *unbound*...but I love the name *Conjuriator* matter what!

    Hard to believe one's parents would be 100...what a great way to spend the day!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Wow, an amazing place and wonderful photos! A great tribute to your mother! Funny, I just realized my parents would be 100 in two years time.

  8. Happy late birthday to your departed Mom. She surely would have loved the iris farm!! I like the outlined iris picture best, although the non-outlined one is so sweet and free....


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