Monday, July 2, 2012

How Does Your Summer Garden Grow?

My peaches are not huge on my dwarf peach tree but they are...
 abundant and delicious...very good on morning cereal...

The Trumpet vine is back in full flower after this area of our yard had been cut back to nothing!

I think it's even pretty as a shadow on the fence in full sun...........Summer is here!
 I love this hydrangea bush under our living room window...

The Mexican Primroses came back in full force after the cut backs too.

Lilies of  the Nile starting to open and bloom...

I hope your gardens are as lush and beautiful this summer or in what ever season you are experiencing where you are!
Have a good week!


  1. Yum, your peaches look delicious. My garden is struggling this summer. It is way to dry despite getting an inch of rain yesterday. We had the driest June ever recorded and from February until now it is the driest too. So my poor garden is just holding on. It seems I am too. I found the knot though.

  2. Your garden looks wonderful Lynn...our garden is doing well, but with all the rain we are getting it is difficult to keep it under control at the moment!

  3. Oh My ...So Wonderful...Lovely Lovely


  4. Lovely looking Peaches and flowers. My garden is doing pretty good with all the rain we have gotten. I thought it was drowning but was surprised when we went out and saw my all blooming Daisies happy as can be.. :))

  5. Our apricots are ripe right now, but Jenny hasn't seemed inclined to make apricot jam like she has the last two years... :(

    We have a couple of apple trees, two almond trees, and two pomegranates, but no peaches. Which is too bad, because unless you can pick the peach off the tree yourself, they just aren't as good...

    I've always wanted to put a trumpet vine out against the front of the barn, but no easy access to water out there, and then we had the goats... NOTHING survived the goats! They ate fourteen rosebushes!

    Maybe this summer I'll finally plant my trumpet vine--you're inspiring me!

  6. oh how lovely to have your own peaches - that is awesome. Lovely flowers

  7. Looks like you have lots of painting references right at your fingertips!

  8. Lynn, Your yard is beautiful! Lucky duck to have a peach tree! Yum.
    Kisses to Henry.xoxo

  9. Aaah, having your own peaches!
    (childhood memories abound)
    Every photo you've shown represents
    "summer as she should be"


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